Monday, August 20, 2018

Simple Summer Night

The other night we had the best summer night. It was so simple - we just hung out in the backyard and enjoyed a rare storm-free evening. At the beginning of the summer, we did ALL. THE. THINGS (beach, pool daily, trips for ice cream, a festival, park trips, the movies). After Hayden got sick, our summer screeched to a halt and we've been slowly easing back into it, maybe with an appreciation for taking things a little easier.

After trying to convince the kids to go to the pool and an outdoor event downtown, they really just wanted to stay home, play on the swing set, and run through the sprinklers. And it was just right.

I cooked the quickest dinner possible (grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with a special treat of juice for dinner), because who needs a fancy dinner when you can spend all your time outside?

The kids had ice pops and then … Daddy came home!

It's fun to go to the pool and the beach, and events and all sorts of things, but lazy summer nights are the best.

Favorite water shoes for life:

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