Thursday, August 16, 2018

Playroom update

One of our most pinned images is the basement playroom we designed for our kids in the first 6 months we lived in our house, back when we had a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old. Now we have a 6-year-old and 3-year-old and things change. They both love playing in their rooms and ended up not using the playroom to play as much so we have moved things around and made the space work for us.
  1. Indoor activities: Winters are LOOOONG on the East Coast and the kids need something active they can do on those seemingly endless snow days. We ended up purchasing a mini trampoline, some scooter boards, balance pods, and other equipment from Amazon and Ikea. 
  2. A couch: this area has turned into the dedicated TV space for the kids. We typically let them have a movie night on Friday or Saturday night where they get into their pajamas early and get to eat dinner downstairs and watch a movie. It's nice not to hear a kid movie from the next room, and they love this special treat. 
  3. Smaller art table: We had a huge desk that my father in law built us which has since been moved to Hayden's room (for all his lego building). I purchased this smaller table from Amazon. Charlotte's the one that loves to do art and color so it's the perfect size for her. Plus, it's light and can be moved into place for movie-night dinners. 
  4. Magnet wall: It's not the prettiest but we put magnetic sheets on the wall for the kids to use to with magnet letters, our magnet gears. We also attached magnets to one of our several marble runs and the kids use those to build a run along the wall (which lead to me finding 10 million marbles in all corners of the playroom)
  5. The Wall: This was the biggest (and best!) change. Nick built a shiplap wall with a sliding door to separate the basement-work-bench-side of the basement from the playroom. (Previously we had it blocked off with some Ikea bookshelves.) I LOVE the look of the wall and having two distinct areas.
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