Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday, Friyay!

Happy Friday! It feels like we've been so busy with school starting this last month. Both kids are in school (though they only overlap on one day) and we have afternoon activities, play dates, and other events to keep up with, so we're always on the move!

Last weekend we went apple picking (in the 90-degree weather...). We got tons of apples which we've only been snacking on so far. However, we have big plans to make applesauce and apple pie soon. There are tons of farms near us so it was a quick 20-minute drive and the kids had fun despite the heat.

Yesterday was the day both kids were in school and the first day of fall-like weather in a while. I planned to go to a spin class at the gym right after dropping them off but at the last minute ended up driving to a trail and taking a 4-mile run. It was so peaceful and a perfect start to the morning.

I've been working on a few designs lately and having so much fun. If you want to check out more, feel free to browse my other website: Jessica Reisfelt Designs.

Speaking of design, we are thinking about changing Charlotte's room now that she's almost 3. She's been asking for pink paint and a big girl bed. She's so tiny, we're not quite ready to put her in a twin bed. Instead, I found this inspiration picture (on Pinterest, of course!) and Nick thinks he can build her this bed (with her crib mattress) pretty easily.

Happy Friday- hope you have the best weekend! 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hayden's 5th Birthday

Hayden's 5th Birthday.... was almost 2 months ago. 😳   We had an Octonaut Birthday party at his request and had lots of his friends over for an evening celebration. Octonauts is his favorite show and so it was an easy choice for a birthday party theme. We decorated the yard, had bubbles, chalk, water balloons, sand toys, and a piñata for entertainment... Old school! The kids had fun running around like crazy and I was glad I didn't stress out about having set up more activities for the kids to do.

I made Hayden's cake using some of his favorite figurines and most of the decorations by hand; it was so fun making his dream of an Octonaut birthday party come to life!

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