Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A little story about the kindness of strangers

free wine and a (finally!) sleeping baby

Our flight out to California last month went so well (thank goodness since I was flying without Nick). Our flight back to New Jersey was the exact opposite. Charlotte was a grump from the get-go and she started screaming an hour into the flight for at least an hour straight. She was so tired that every time she stopped crying (for a minute) her eyes would close. I kept trying to lay her down on my lap so that she would stay asleep and after the fifth try, I was finally successful. The flight attendants on the plane were AMAZING (on Virgin Airlines, by the way). They brought us a (complimentary) big bottle of wine and offered any help. Charlotte wouldn't even let Nick hold her, let alone a stranger, but it was still so kind of them to offer.

When I was walking around with Charlotte, one of the flight attendants told me that she thought I was doing a great job and was a great mother and not to worry about what anyone else said. It was such a sweet encouragement when I was feeling at the end of my rope trying to calm Charlotte down (especially after a few passengers made less-than-kind-comments).

I know that being seated by a screaming child is no one's ideal on a cross-country flight but I also know that sometimes there's no way to control the tears. She wasn't in pain and nothing we were trying to calm her would work. I tried so hard to stay calm because I knew my own agitation would feed into Charlotte's.

I'm glad our next flight with Charlotte won't be for a few more months and so grateful for kind people in this world!

Monday, April 10, 2017

It's been awhile...

We've been back from CA for almost two weeks now but it still feels like we are playing catch up! Hayden has been sick and we've been busy, but this week is Spring Break and it looks like we are going to have a few days of Spring-like weather so I'm excited to get outside with the kids.

We bought the kids a play structure last month! We have a swing set in the backyard (built by my father-in-law) but we have a huge yard and thought it would be nice to have more at home activities for the kids. I shopped around and found it on Wayfair. The same one was on Overstock, and Amazon (all with free shipping) but the price was best on Wayfair. Nick has been putting it together in his spare time and we're hoping it will be all the way finished soon.

We are also planning on adding a little natural sandbox like this in the yard. We have this little area under a tree where our grass doesn't grow well. It already has a rock wall on one side and we have a bunch of stones left over from the previous owners so it should be an easy-ish project.

Last week Nick and I went to a benefit dinner for a charity and it was fun to get dressed up and go out on a Thursday night.

We (along with everyone else) had been watching Big Little Lies obsessively. I loved the book when it came out but I loved the show even more. Now that's it's over I've been listening to the soundtrack on repeat- so good (all the Elvis covers are my favorite...)

Also, speaking of Big Little Lies, I may have taken a few online character quizzes (definitely a Madeline, hahaha)...

Nick and I also listened to the S-Town Podcast last week and really loved it. It was so different than I thought it was going to be but really well done.

The kids and I made these copycat Reese's peanut butter eggs last weekend and they were delicious. I mean, it's clearly the best of all the Easter candy (or maybe tied with Starburst Jelly Beans...) so it was a fun, easy treat to make.

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