Monday, February 8, 2016

The Playroom

We are about 95% done with our basement playroom overhaul and we have been enjoying the space for almost 2 weeks now. If you remember from this post, we had an area planned out to add a playroom in the basement, it has 2 cinderblock walls, one sheetrock wall, and is open to the rest of the basement on the fourth side. The floor is some type of wood vinyl. 

We didn't want to spend much money so most of the items in here and all from other parts of the house, the exception being two shelving units from Ikea. We built the units and pushed them together along the longest wall and filled them with books, toys, baskets, and bins that we already owned. The two striped bins are from the Container Store and we have had them for several years. These hold all our art and craft supplies. All the wicker baskets are from Target and used to be in Hayden's old room.
To make a little art gallery wall, I hot glued binder clips to the cinderblock so that we could easily clip up the kids' artwork and rotate it with new pieces. The hot glue is a trick I used in college to attach posters to dorm room walls, because it holds well and peels right off when you're done with it.
On the back wall, I did the same thing for a few prints that we already had. That adorable stuffed rhino is from Target (clearance!).  It's easier than drilling into the cinderblock and using frames.
I painted the left wall (our only sheetrock wall) with chalkboard paint. I love the impact of a whole wall of chalkboard! The door you see is a pocket door into our laundry room. 
The other things we borrowed from around the house were the DIY teepee from Hayden's room and the kids' art table made by my father-in-law. The little chairs are from the container store.
That rug is from RugsUSA and it's also a leftover from Hayden's old room. It is great because it's indoor/outdoor so no need to worry about any messy art projects- it just wipes right up.
The play kitchen is Ikea and it was the kids' Christmas gift. That is probably the most used toy in the house still and I find myself cleaning and sorting wooden food daily. Nick and I did little upgrade to the kitchen with some faux marble countertop and sturdier pulls. Nick also installed motion sensor lights in the microwave and oven...
The string lights are from our old backyard and they create such a cozy glow down there. There are can lights in the ceiling, but a lot of times we leave them off in favor of the string lights.
This is our new favorite space and we are having so much fun rediscovering toys and books and doing many art projects down here. 

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