Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Sometimes having a 3 year old is challenging, and then sometimes it's pretty humorous. Here's a few of the funny things that have been coming out of his mouth lately. 
"Oh no! Mom, I think the door is locked, I can't get in. I really think you want to open it for me."  This, combined with jamming his fingers under the bathroom door as I try to have 1 minute to myself. "No, buddy, I actually don't..."
"I'm not a ______. I'm just Hayden Stoplight." He is dead set on being a stoplight for Halloween so if we are playing and I ask him if he's a monkey, or Mickey, or anything at all, this is his response. 
"Imma just grease up my leggies." As he grabs a bar of soap and rubs it on his legs in the bath. 
"Momma, you wanna watch me a little show?" Anytime he tries to convince me it's a good idea to turn on the TV for him... 
"Momma, I think we're all ready to go to Daddy's New Jersey now." = every day!
"Well Dad.... (*dramatic sigh*)... I have to let you go now." When we are face-timing Nick and he's ready to push that red button!  

Friday, September 18, 2015

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, guys! This one is a little bittersweet since it's our very last weekend in our first house. Things are progressing well with House Number Two, so that makes the transition much easier. Anyway, for anyone who has been reading our blog forever, you might remember how our house was a bit of an ugly duckling to start with. We did a lot to transform our little home into something we truly loved. So, if you'll permit me, I'd like to share my top 5 projects in this house as we bid it farewell. 
1. Our backyard went from a dirt pile into a functional and pretty space. The boys leveled it, added grass, irrigation, trees, bushes (Hayden calls them pushes) and flowers. I (naturally) picked out all the furniture. 

2. Charlotte's Nursery: Adding the french doors, window, wall treatment really created a cozy little space for our girl. 
3. Downstairs bathroom makeover: I loved this little room with it's dark walls and gold accessories. We don't have a bathroom at the new house that would fit this color scheme so I will definitely miss it! 

 4. Our kitchen counters and backsplash- such a game changer! I will love the quartz and the subway tile combo forever and always and it made such a difference in this little room where I seem to spend 90% of my time! 

5. Our master bathroom- hands down, my favorite room in the house. I love our giant shower and the finishes we chose and it will be hard to leave that gorgeous handmade counter top. At least we got to enjoy the space for 8 months before moving on! 

Goodbye house! You were a good one!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

8 months of Charlotte Mae

Well, if we weren't sure before, Miss Charlotte has definitely let us know that she is out of the infant stage and most certainly a bona fide baby. She is the sweetest little thing, but definitely seems to be a little less mellow than her older brother. She has started to pull up on everything at eye level and gets so mad if we try and sit her back down or if she can't be standing. She is also trying so hard to get the crawling thing down. Her current movements are a little forward scooting, a little backward scooting and rolling from one side to the other to get to her destination. Luckily, she doesn't move too fast yet, so I can stay a few steps ahead of her. I'm sure that will all change soon...
Charlotte Mae loves to eat and makes the biggest mess ever. She says "no thank you" to baby food of any kind (we still have several boxes of pouches that I bought when she first started eating, but she's not a fan). She loves everything we put in front of her, especially blueberries, chicken, and pasta. I've been giving her limited dairy because it seems to maybe make her spit up more. She could always use a bath  (and the floor can always use a mopping) after a meal with Charlotte. The other day I found toast in her ear and raspberries smeared on the back of her ankle (not to mention the squished bananas on the back of my own pants)... 
Her sleep is still up and down at night. She's slept through the night a few times but her normal routine is to wake up once between 3:30 and 5:30 for a feeding and then she and brother usually are up for the day by 7:30 or 8. She is on a pretty regular nap schedule taking an hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. She can usually go to sleep on her own and will sometimes wake up and chat (or screech) in the middle of the night or during a nap and then fall back asleep. 
She loves inspecting everything and then promptly putting it in her mouth. It's so different than Hayden who really never put anything in his mouth when he was little. She has 2 little teethe now. We have to be careful with all his little toys around since Sister is somewhat mobile and likes to taste it all!  
As for size, Charlotte is still definitely on the small side. She is wearing 3 - 6 month clothes, a few 0-3 month items still fit well and her shoes are all newborn shoes.
She loves Hayden and he can always make her laugh. He is learning to share toys, because she always wants what he has, especially in the bath (already?!) and it's so fun seeing them interacting more! I can't believe that her next monthly update will take place as an official New Jersey resident!  
 (Months 1234, 5, 6, and 7 )

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

3 is hard

Let me start off this post by saying that I have the sweetest little boy ever. He's so kind, helpful, and loving. He gives all of us tons of hugs, kisses, and I love yous on the daily. Most people don't believe me when I say he gives us trouble sometimes. He is usually cheerful, almost always well-behaved when we are out-and-about, and generally very easy-going. We bypassed the terrible twos with some minor tantrums and no hitting/kicking or anything of the sort. And then three hit. Three... Three has been the most challenging age hands down. Even harder than those 3 months when he stopped sleeping... He can be ornery for no reason, combative, and the littlest things seem to make him fall apart (i.e. the too short fake drawstrings on his pants won't stayed tied in a bow/ mom gave him a big fork instead of his usual smaller one/ it's hair washing night/ Lucy bumped into him). I know some of this is normal 3-year-old behavior and some probably stems from this major life change that we're currently experiencing. Even knowing this is normal/expected doesn't stop me from feeling frustrated at his meltdowns, guilty for sometimes counting the minutes till bedtime, and having to put on the disciplinarian hat much more often. Anyway, for anyone else who is going through these things (#threenagers), know that you have a momma in the same boat! Also, one thing that really seems to get him out of a funk is going on "adventures", staying outside of the house, and trying to be super present. Yesterday, we took a little adventure to the park with "the giant abacus", made a leaf house for an acorn family, and played detective, had some delicious tacos and ice cream ... and it was lovely. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cloth Diapering x2

When we made the decision over 3 years ago to cloth diaper or children, we imagined that we would have one out of diapers by the time we had our second child... Of course, try as we might, Hayden wasn't quite ready to be potty-trained by the time his sister arrived. He was potty-trained when she was about 2 to 3 months old so we actually only had 2 months of overlap. She wore disposable diapers the first month since she was too tiny to fit well in the cloth ones. 
Anyway, I wanted to share our experience, in case anyone else is considering cloth diapering their babes. It can seem a little overwhelming at first, when you're already thinking about ten million other baby things, but once you get used to the process, it doesn't take too much extra time or energy. 
With Hayden, we had 18 diapers total, and we washed them every few days. When Charlotte came along, we had a few more diapers gifted to us, plus we bought a couple more, giving us 24 diapers total. We found that this is the perfect number for two kids. Hayden was only using 4 - 5 per day (he slept in a heavier disposable) and Charlotte was going through 10 - 12 per day at first.  
Here are my tips for cloth diapering multiple babies:  
1. Split up the diapers by color. Maybe it doesn't matter to you if your kids are wearing each other's diapers, but I preferred to have one set just for him, and one for her. Plus, we could keep Charlotte's snapped in the smaller position, instead of having to redo the snaps all the time. We gave Charlotte more of the diapers since she went through them more quickly than Hayden.
2. Plan to wash diapers every other night. We would run the longest, cleanest wash cycle that our washing machine has so we would save these loads for bedtime so that it was running during the night. In the morning, I would just throw them all in the dryer before the kids got up.
3.  Have a wet bag in each room. We haven't found a wet bag big enough that can hold all the dirty diapers at once, so we would have a bag hanging in each room to collect the dirty diapers. This is our go-to brand and we have large ones in the rooms, a couple of medium sized ones that we can just keep in the diaper bag for changing on the go. We always throw the wet bags in the wash at the same time as the diapers so that everything gets sanitized. 
4. Our brand of choice: Bumgenius 4.0  . These diapers come in lots of cute colors and after over 350 washes, they are still looking good. We've had one diaper with a broken snap, but other than that, they are still in great condition. We have a few that are all-in-one diapers and those ones are the thicker ones. They are great for overnight diapers.
5. Be flexible! We primarily use cloth diapers with the kids, but know that there will be some times when this just isn't in the cards (in this process of moving, we've been relying more heavily on disposables, or when Hayden was wearing a diaper at night - we went with a disposable). Cloth diapering is really wonderful but it shouldn't be something that causes you undue stress.  

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Updates

After a whirlwind weekend of flying back and forth across the country, house hunting, buying Nick a new car we are gearing up for our week in our California house. The movers arrive next Monday to pack up our house and move it to New Jersey. So this week will be a weird juxtaposition of laying low and prepping for the move. The movers are packing everything for us but I still have some sorting and organizing to do before then. 
Our weekend was really fruitful and we ended up putting an offer on a lovely house yesterday morning. I can't wait to share more once we are a little farther along in the buying process but things are looking good so far!!
Finally, I just have to brag about this little one for a minute... She was the best best little traveler. She handled 2 cross country flights, 5 hours of house hunting, several long trips from the airport to Manhattan to New Jersey to the airport. She was such a trooper, sleeping on the go and maintaining her happy little personality.
 Lastly, now that we have a house in our sights, I've been on Pinterest like crazy, pinning images for things that I want to do to the house. Here's a few of my favorites... 

1 // 2 // 3 

Friday, September 11, 2015

five on friday

1. Struggling... This week has been up and down with a rough weekend, everyone feeling sick and tired and the heat taking it out of all of us. We keep on trucking, in spite of it all and I'm definitely looking forward to putting this transition period of our lives behind us.
2.  Weekender: I've been on the hunt for a good weekender bag and finally found the lovely one at Sole Society. It was less than $80 and it's roomy enough for Charlotte and I to pack in for our quick trip back east.
3. Speaking of which... We are hopping on a plane this morning for a whirlwind house hunting trip. We are hoping to find one that fits our family's needs and start the offer process. Fingers crossed! 
4. Honest Company Make-Up: Are you Honest Company fans? When we aren't cloth diapering we love to use their cute eco-friendly diapers and we use a variety of their other products including dryer sheets, sunscreen, diaper rash cream, and hand sanitizer. I just got an e-mail that they now carry beauty products along with a $20 credit to try out a new beauty product. I've been on the look out for a new moisturizer so I chose this one. Looking forward to seeing how it works!
5. Real Simple's Month of Dinners  I've always been a fan of Real Simple's recipes and in their September issue, they put out a month of dinners with recipes, grocery lists, and themes (like Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday). All the dinners take 30 minutes or less to prepare and they all look really tasty. Although we will be here, there, and everywhere for the next 30 days, I decided to follow the plan as much as possible. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Charlotte Mae's Mini-Nursery

Since it's been 8 months since Miss Charlotte graced us with her presence (and we are getting ready to move) I thought it was high time to share her nursery. To be honest, it wasn't actually 100 % complete until just this a couple weeks ago. #secondchildproblems
To recap, our house only has 2 bedrooms and we wanted to keep the kids separate for a while at least. We have a little bonus room of sorts off the master bedroom which we opened up a little more in preparation for Charlotte's arrival. We had the doorway widened and we added french doors. We also added a window to the room to make it much brighter.
(deer tote basket from Anthropologie, no longer on their website, sadly)  
For Charlotte's room, I wanted to make it pretty and feminine but not over-the-top. We painted the walls a pale peach and then my Dad created this custom ceiling treatment for the sloped ceiling. He stained thin boards with a grey wash and planked the whole ceiling with them. Definitely prettier than a big blank white wall!

The light is from CB2 and I love the matte white finish with the gold inside. 
Her crib is the one we bought way back in the day for Hayden from Pottery Barn Kids. The gold dot crib sheet and ruffled crib skirt are from Land of Nod. The gold heart garland is from Etsy and the peach scalloped one is from Land of Nod. That blanket doesn't really match anything in the room at all but I'm obsessed with it!
We bought a new rocker for the room. It was one of my favorite purchase since Miss C and I log a lot of hours in this thing. It's wide enough for Hayden, Charlotte, and me to all pile in and read stories. I also love that it doesn't look like a nursery rocker, so we can use it in another room once we have no more babies ( cue sad face). 
I bought the Moroccan leather pouf from Lulu and Georgia and I love it on our West Elm Rug.
The dresser is also a newer purchase for the room from West Elm. The changing pad cover is from Land of Nod. The sconce is from Ikea. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

playroom dreaming

Nick and I are going to look at houses this weekend in New Jersey, and from what I've seen online, we will probably be able to buy a house big enough to have a playroom. This thrills me to no end and of course, the decorator in me is dreaming of a beautiful, whimsical space for Hayden and Charlotte. Here are a few lovely images that caught my eye- clearly a chalkboard wall is a must... 

1 /  2 / 3 / 4

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

not quite the weekend we imagined....

We were really excited that Nick was able to come home for the long weekend and though we didn't have any major plans, it was nice to know that we'd all be together in whatever we decided to do..
Well, the weekend got off to a rocky start when Nick who had been up for 24 hours by the time he got home at 2 am, realized he left his luggage on the curb at the airport when getting into an uber. Commence one long (solo) trip back to the airport with both kids to retrieve his bag.
Both kids ended up sick with congestion, fevers, and plenty of grumpiness. We thought it was just Hayden at first but then about an hour after we put Charlotte down on Saturday night, she woke up screaming and coughing. Since she seemed to be a little worse off, we tried to sneak the humidifier out of Hayden's room and into her room. Naturally, he woke up in a panic because his "machine" was gone and he needed it.
And that is how I found myself at Target at 9 pm on a Saturday night, buying a second humidifier....
We did a mad airport dash to drop Nick off when we realized that his flight was 2 hours earlier than we thought... Finally our Labor Day ended with being thrown up on and all kids in bed and asleep by 6:30 pm. 
Needless to say, this weekend included lots of sleep, cuddles, a fair amount of coffee, and hopes for a better time together next time around!  So how was your weekend???

Friday, September 4, 2015

5 on Friday

1. JCrew Factory Favorites- JCrew Factory is having 50% off everything and there are some goodies to be had. I am always a fan of neutrals and my closet is filled with lots of black, white, and grey... Here are some more fun things I wouldn't mind picking up: 
J Crew Factory Black and White

flutter top //drapey top // scarf //drapey cardigan // ballet flats // pull-on shorts // striped hoodie // patterned pants

2. Hayden on PopSugar: Hayden did some product modeling for my friend's start-up company, Hoppi Box and the product (along with his picture got featured on PopSugar this week!

 3. Pinterest painting: I saw this idea on pinterest to put paper and paint in a ziploc for tummy time. Both kids enjoyed squishing the paint around but we had no art to show for it in the end. Maybe if we used canvas like I did when Hayden was a baby?
4.  Grilled Nectarine Crumble: When Nick and I snuck away for a birthday date night last week, we shared a stewed nectarine with almond crumble and ice cream and it was so so good. I'm going to attempt a similar recipe at home this weekend and this one looks amazing! 
5. Bar Method: I joined the Bar Method this past week and went to 3 classes. My muscles are crying, but I'm happy for such a good workout (and child care- woot, woot!). The local studio had a deal for 30 days, unlimited classes and since I'm moving in just about 30 days, it sounded good to me!  

Thursday, September 3, 2015

thursday thoughts

Instead of thinking about real estate, moving across the country, missing my husband, etc. I think I'll just focus on some trivial things that I am loving currently. 
We are making popsicles weekly and I love these little Munchkin popsicle holders because they are easy to hold for Charlotte, the catch most of the drips, and they are tiny enough that Hayden can finish it.  
I'm a self-professed lover of "slouchy-mom-style" which is casual pieces that are comfortable but still make you look put together. My favorite new items in this category are there super soft linen tees. I have a grey one and white one and will probably go back for a few more colors- they are lovely. I also recently bought these destructed high-waist skinnies and I'm loving them. 
Meal planning is crucial if we don't want to alternate between Panera and Chipotle take out every other night... I made this kale salad for lunches the other week (for me) and it's been tasty and filling.  

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