Monday, August 31, 2015

life be crazy

Nick left for his new job on August 8th and I have been holding down the fort with two little ones. It's been a little crazy- to say the least... We got our house ready for market, put it on the market, left for vacation for a week, got 12 offers, and now are officially in contract. We are closing near the end of September and will be joining Nick on the East Coast around the first week in October. 
The past few weeks alone has been all about survival mode... Days at the pool have counted as baths, we have been living out of our car on days we can't go back to the house until bedtime, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has started and ended many of our days because a. Momma needs 20 minutes to pull herself together in the morning and b. I need time to put each kid down to bed on their own. God bless Toodles... Neither child has been sleeping well this week and at 5 am one morning, I made a rash-sleep-deprived Amazon Prime purchase of this clock. Two weeks in and so far so good... 
Somehow, we are making it work and despite the chaos and all of us sorely missing Nicholas, the days are always filled with far more good moments than bad. Blessedly, he was able to come back and work out here last week so we are able to make this 2 month transition period a little easier with frequent visits from him. I feel like this time of transition and uncertainty is going to make us so much stronger as a family. It's hard for sure- but we are making it, and doing well. 
One of my jobs ended 2 weeks ago so amidst the chaos, there's some additional time and calmness for me to just be with the babies. No more mornings in the office, no commuting, and no more preschool. It's nice to just focus on these babies the majority of the time. This period alone is testing me as a momma to have no one else around. (That's not to say we haven't had great help from friends and family this month- we definitely have!)  I feel accomplished when I finally get my kids down for the night and they have both eat some fruits and vegetables for the day, been given lots of love, had fun experiences, and are resting their sweet little heads. Just the basics! 
Anyway, I am surviving on iced coffee (the occasional glass of wine) and lots of sticky, slobbery kisses and perhaps that's why this post is bit rambling! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

5 on Friday

Packing up... We have a moving company that will pack us up but before we put the house on the market, we needed to declutter a bit so I've been packing up and cleaning and trying to get things in order with my two little helpers. We are listing the house next Friday so we've got to be done with everything this weekend!
Hayden's Birthday... We held his party on Saturday evening but his actual birthday was on Monday. My sister randomly got the day off work so we decided to take the kids to a local water park. Hayden LOVED it and it was so fun and summery- just the perfect day.
3... On that note- I can't believe I have a three-year-old!
Someone's room finally got finished... More pictures next week!  
Our last day together for awhile... Nick leaves tomorrow for New Jersey and we are all very sad about the separation. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

7 Months of Charlotte Mae

Charlotte Mae is 7 months old today and this year is just flying by! This month, she has especially loved trying all kinds of different foods. She is an adventurous little eater and tries everything we put in front of her. I really can't say if she has any favorites yet, but she does seem to love pineapple a lot! 
Charlotte's first tooth came in this month and it looks like we have another one working it's way to the surface. Her teething has caused some extra night-time waking and comforting, but overall she is still on a decent schedule.
She has definitely found her voice and loves to shout, squeal, and screech. She is also happy to chatter away in the car or at the store. She is also a little more interested in moving around. She scoots backwards and ends up 5 feet from where I put her down often. She is very curious and is always interested in whatever Hayden is playing with or doing.
She's such a sweet baby girl and we love watching her grow each month!  

Monday, August 3, 2015

happy birthday baby boy!

My sweet Hayden Baby is 3 years old today and I just can't believe it- how has it been three years since I held that precious little one in my arms for the first time. He seems to be barreling through life at full speed and while I truly love each new stage with him, my momma heart breaks a little as he matures. I know in a blink of an eye, he'll be in high school so I'm soaking up all the time I can with my little man and trying to remember all it is that makes up his personality at this age:  His spontaneous I love you, mom; his pure joy; the way he thinks some words are hysterical and can't stop laughing and repeating them; his sweet kisses and hugs; his cuddles; and curious questions; his love for all things his daddy does; his determination to get things right; his quiet and accurate observations of life; his dislike of morning, vegetables, and loud noises; his love of books, Mickey, cooking, and trains; his amazingly long eyelashes and his excitement. 
This sweet boy made me a momma and brings so much love and joy to our lives each day. Happiest of happy birthdays to my little love!

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