Wednesday, July 29, 2015

my dream workspace

Today I want to chat about my dream workspace... After our big announcement yesterday, I am daydreaming about a pretty office to call my own. In our current house, I usually just work on my bed or at the dining room table. I gave up my office space when we added Miss Charlotte to the family. However, now that we are looking for roomier digs in New Jersey, I'm excited to create a pretty and productive space. I'm lucky that the one part-time job I'll still be doing is super flexible and I can work exclusively from home. I can continue this job despite our impending move across the country. 
 Wework inspired me to share my dream workspace today (you all know I love designing pretty spaces!).  Wework has beautiful community workspaces all over the country. Their coworking spaces are so inspiring -I mean, just check out their Berkeley Space- love love love! I'm not really at the point in my life to work outside the home, but once my babies are a little older, I love the idea of a shared common workspace. For now, I'll stick with creating a little office oasis in my own home.  I had some fun designing my own ideal spot to get some work done: 
Dream Work Space

For me, getting things done means that I need a clean, functional space in which to focus. Of course it helps in the space is pretty and inspiring! For a home office, I need something that can work double-time as a mini-playroom and workspace; somewhere that functions well for our whole family (not just me!) and can stay neat and organized. 
Here's what I love about the items above: 
  • Saddle Chair: We have the dining room chair version of this and they are so comfy. They are stylish and the simple design can fit in a variety of rooms. 
  •  Parsons Desk: I prefer a simple desk with a smaller work surface- I really only ever need my laptop and iPad for work so I don't need a big surface area.  
  • Pretty task lamp: With the flexibility of my job, I end up working super early in the morning or late at night so that I can focus on the kids when they are awake. A desk lamp is a must for burning the midnight oil!  
  • Mirror + Console Table: a few decorative items in the room for no other purpose than just looking pretty... 
  • Storage baskets: Toys and books can be hidden away and tucked under the console table for easy, breezy cleaning up!  
  •  Pretty, plush rug: I love this rug so much and was eying the smaller version for our bathroom before we found out about our move. Knowing that sometimes my babies will be playing on the ground, I think a cozy rug is essential to ground the workspace.  
  • Moroccan pouf: A lot of times, Charlotte prefers me to be at eye level while working so I'll sit on the ground next to her with my computer. This pouf would be a stylish alternative to sitting directly on the ground ;) 
  • Booker Arm Chair: Love, love, love the color and depth of this chair. I know it would get a lot of use for reading stories to the babies.  
  • Bookshelf: I love mixing more rustic wood with modern furniture and this bookcase is large enough to hold our books, the kids books, baskets, files and anything else. Organization at it's best. 
Tell me, tell me  - what's your current working situation? Have you tried out a community space like Wework or do you have a stylish home office to share?  

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