Friday, July 31, 2015

5 on Friday

Wow, it's been awhile since I've done one of these posts... summer hiatus, I suppose... 
1. Hayden's birthday: We are hosting his 3rd birthday party tomorrow and have a cute little drive-in movie theme. Check out these adorable invitations from Paperless Post:
2. (A sad) countdown: We are 8 days away from Nick's departure for New Jersey and we are all feeling sad about it. He'll be back for sure at the end of August for my birthday but that 19-day window will be the longest we've been apart since we got married... For now, we are going to try to spend tons of time together and make it count.
3.  Lots of cleaning, organizing, and painting... We are trying to get our house on the market quickly and are working on completing lots of little tasks like organizing closets, purging tons of stuff and touch up painting. Thankfully, my family is rallying this weekend to help us with all our projects. 
4.  This little flamingo-ed cutie...

5. Recent reads... Because I've been on vacation recently (and maybe also because I've had insomnia lately), I have had time to read a few books. Here are 3 recent reads that I enjoyed:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nick's 30th

custom labels made with Stickeryou
Nicholas turned 30 last Friday and I had a couple of surprises up my sleeve for him! On Friday night, we hired our babysitter and went out for drinks and dinner with our friends from New York who were in town for the weekend. We had the best time (and as a side note are excited to once again be living in relative proximity to them). Nick thought this was the big birthday celebration and so he wasn't really expecting anything else. 

Saturday morning, his brother and best friends showed up to take him on an all day golfing excursion. He was so surprised when they walked into our house and I had all his golfing things ready to go. His friends did a great job keeping him occupied all day until it was time for his final and biggest surprise of all- a birthday party with most of his nearest and dearest!

I had been planning the party for a few months with work friends, family members, neighbors, and out of town friends joining us for the festivities. We set up the party in the backyard and had a beer theme since he loves trying new and interesting beers. Our guests brought craft beers to share and we also had a keg of Firestone for all to partake. 

I ordered gourmet grilled cheeses from The Melt, we had mini cups of mac 'n cheese and a DIY ice cream sandwich station with our favorite organic ice cream. It was a fun night and I was just so happy to gather all our favorites together to celebrate my favorite guy.
It was especially meaningful since Nick has to move next weekend and won't get a chance to say goodbye to a lot these people before then.  

You know I love a good party and this one turned out just how I imagined!  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

my dream workspace

Today I want to chat about my dream workspace... After our big announcement yesterday, I am daydreaming about a pretty office to call my own. In our current house, I usually just work on my bed or at the dining room table. I gave up my office space when we added Miss Charlotte to the family. However, now that we are looking for roomier digs in New Jersey, I'm excited to create a pretty and productive space. I'm lucky that the one part-time job I'll still be doing is super flexible and I can work exclusively from home. I can continue this job despite our impending move across the country. 
 Wework inspired me to share my dream workspace today (you all know I love designing pretty spaces!).  Wework has beautiful community workspaces all over the country. Their coworking spaces are so inspiring -I mean, just check out their Berkeley Space- love love love! I'm not really at the point in my life to work outside the home, but once my babies are a little older, I love the idea of a shared common workspace. For now, I'll stick with creating a little office oasis in my own home.  I had some fun designing my own ideal spot to get some work done: 
Dream Work Space

For me, getting things done means that I need a clean, functional space in which to focus. Of course it helps in the space is pretty and inspiring! For a home office, I need something that can work double-time as a mini-playroom and workspace; somewhere that functions well for our whole family (not just me!) and can stay neat and organized. 
Here's what I love about the items above: 
  • Saddle Chair: We have the dining room chair version of this and they are so comfy. They are stylish and the simple design can fit in a variety of rooms. 
  •  Parsons Desk: I prefer a simple desk with a smaller work surface- I really only ever need my laptop and iPad for work so I don't need a big surface area.  
  • Pretty task lamp: With the flexibility of my job, I end up working super early in the morning or late at night so that I can focus on the kids when they are awake. A desk lamp is a must for burning the midnight oil!  
  • Mirror + Console Table: a few decorative items in the room for no other purpose than just looking pretty... 
  • Storage baskets: Toys and books can be hidden away and tucked under the console table for easy, breezy cleaning up!  
  •  Pretty, plush rug: I love this rug so much and was eying the smaller version for our bathroom before we found out about our move. Knowing that sometimes my babies will be playing on the ground, I think a cozy rug is essential to ground the workspace.  
  • Moroccan pouf: A lot of times, Charlotte prefers me to be at eye level while working so I'll sit on the ground next to her with my computer. This pouf would be a stylish alternative to sitting directly on the ground ;) 
  • Booker Arm Chair: Love, love, love the color and depth of this chair. I know it would get a lot of use for reading stories to the babies.  
  • Bookshelf: I love mixing more rustic wood with modern furniture and this bookcase is large enough to hold our books, the kids books, baskets, files and anything else. Organization at it's best. 
Tell me, tell me  - what's your current working situation? Have you tried out a community space like Wework or do you have a stylish home office to share?  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

some big news!

Nope, we aren't expecting another little one! Instead, we are packing up and moving to New Jersey. Nick got a promotion within his company and we are relocating to the East Coast with this new job. He is actually leaving early August and we are following him out there once we get our house sold and find somewhere to live in New Jersey. We will be living about an hour outside of NYC! 
We are feeling all the emotions with this move- sad to leave our first house (where we brought both babies home), sad to leave our family and close friends, sad to leave California in general. We're excited about this new adventure, to buy a bigger house (since real estate is a little more affordable than our beloved Bay Area), to explore the East Coast, and to see where life takes us. I gave notice at my job already and we've contacted relators on both ends of the move to get the process started. The to-do list before we leave is rather daunting, but we are lucky to have the support of family to help us through this transition.

Friday, July 24, 2015

30 things

Today is my husband's 30th birthday and in honor of this big one, I thought I would share 30 things I love about him: 
  1. how despite the height difference, you and Hayden are basically the same person and get excited about pay phones, elevators, trains, and other random things 
  2. how you take care of our family and always put us first
  3. how predictable you are when it comes to ordering food ;)
  4. how you read all the manuals and tell me how things work 
  5. your honesty
  6. your beard
  7. how you are never mad when I go shopping at anthropologie
  8. how you leave work to bring me coffee when I'm having a rough day
  9. how you have silly nicknames for everyone in our family
  10. how you don't get mad when I cause you car troubles 
  11. how you really don't understand emojis and how we can have a whole text conversation in hashtags
  12. how you're always up for grabbing a late night snack or ice cream from the store
  13. how loving you are with our babies
  14. what great company you are on a date night or a random Thursday night
  15. how you fill up my car for me because I hate really getting gas 
  16. how you help everyone that needs it with odd jobs, buying cars, repairing phones, and computers
  17. your optimism
  18. how you offer to do the grocery shopping on the weekends so I don't have to try and do it with the kids
  19. you are never mean
  20. when you and I get hooked on a TV show and binge watch it for weeks
  21. how you are a wealth of information on every topic imaginable
  22. how you committed you are 
  23. how you are still my favorite person to talk to after 12 years
  24. your constant texting and keeping in contact throughout the day
  25. even your less-than-ideal habits (like losing your socks, hating to pack, and forgetting  to turn on the dryer all the time ;) )
  26. how you never complain about what's for dinner or lack there of
  27. how you have a special lullaby for each of our kids
  28. how you do all the voices when reading to Hayden
  29. how hardworking you are
  30. how I know that no matter what, you always are my number one supporter and best friend

Nicholas Reisfelt, we are the luckiest that you were born today! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

trains & marshmallows

Just some pictures from a random afternoon of playing trains, making messes, and eating marshmallows off sticks (because they taste better that way, whether or not they are roasted...) 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

thursday thoughts

We are still playing catch up from our long holiday weekend- I won't even tell you how dire our current laundry situation is... We went up to Truckee (right outside Tahoe) for a festive 4th with my in laws. We had such a fun time at the pancake breakfast + parade and you know I enjoyed dressing the babies in festive outfits all weekend long. Hayden loved all the candy that was thrown out in the parade. 
The drive home was no joke and with holiday traffic and 2 babies that were just D.O.N.E. with the car by hour 5, we were so thankful to be back home again. 
Making sure Daddy is ordering his "shaky milk" at In&Out
 We are going away again next weekend for another road trip and all these mini vacations have me thinking about our current packing situation. We are stuffed to the gills with baby paraphernalia, but I love the idea of a simple weekender bag like this or this... someday! 
Last week I realized I had about 50 taco recipes pinned and decided to make 4 different kind of tacos last week. These were our favorites!  
Ready for another fun summer weekend (this one is our anniversary- 7 years, what, what?!)  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

6 months of Charlotte Mae

Happy half birthday to our sweet little girl! This little one is such a love and we are so blessed to have her in our family. As you can tell by the photo, this past month, she perfected her sitting up game and loves to watch everything from this new vantage point. She is happy sitting watching brother play or getting in on the action from time to time. Charlotte Mae is a true water baby- bath time is her absolute favorite and she can't help but kick her feet and squeal when she's in the bathtub with Hayden. She also loves being in the pool. 
Little Miss is weighing in at 12 lbs and is getting a bit chunkier these days- we love all her little leg rolls and sweet round cheeks. She has officially started solid foods and loves to taste everything we put in front of her (and growl in approval!). She's not ingesting much yet, but this is such a fun (messy!) stage.
This past month, she celebrated her first 4th of July and went on her first (mini) road trip. It took us a while, but we finally transitioned her out of her bassinet (which has been in her crib since week 2). She is still a little iffy in the sleep department, but is gradually waking up less and less at night. She is a good little napper when we are at home and consistently takes 2 naps a day.  
Charlotte has a sweet, shy disposition. She loves to smile at other people, but once they make eye contact, she'll bury her face. She is a little nervous around people that aren't Mommy or Daddy, but she is becoming less so these days.  
We love watching this little one grow each day and especially love to see the blossoming sibling relationship between her and Hayden.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

sleep well: summer

Today, I want to chat about how we change our sleep routine for the warmer summer months. During the summer, we end up staying up later since with the heat and light, it can be hard to get to sleep earlier in the night. With a 6-month-old baby, our sleep isn't quite what we wish it to be, so I follow these little rituals to make the precious time that we do get to spend in bed soothing and comfortable.
We live in a pretty temperate climate, so we are able to use the same sateen sheets year round and stay comfortable. I was inspired by the bedding company in Venice Beach, Parachute Bedding to shed our down comforter and stick with a light, white coverlet.  Less bedding makes it cooler for summer sleeping and also a breeze to make the bed each morning. 

In the summer, it's easy to revert to wearing Nick's boxer shorts and a cross country T-shirt to bed. However, sleep rompers and chemises feel pretty and feminine. Most are made of light breathable material- perfect for summer snoozing. I love ones from AnthropologieGap Body,  and even good old Target.

Waking up to tend to Miss Charlotte sometimes makes it hard to get back to sleep in the middle of the night. I use a drop of Lavender essential oil on my hands and breath deeply. The relaxing scent helps get me back to sleep in no time!

In the summer we always, always sleep with our windows open. The California summers lend themselves to cooler nights, so our house tends to cool down while we sleep. Using bamboo shades, we can filter out early morning light, but still let the cooler air into our house. 
What are your tricks for sleeping well in the summer? 

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