Monday, June 29, 2015


This past weekend was just so summery. We had ice cream dates, water balloon play (met with mixed review by a certain toddler), and barbecued dinners. We saw the Crayons musical (so adorable!) and made a fruit crisp. We tried out a new coffee shop  (delicious iced lattes and homemade poptarts) and enjoyed a rare lazy morning at home (Hayden slept in until 9:30!) . It was a full weekend and we are already looking forward to this coming one with all it's festivities! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

five on friday

Sibling Love: These two are really starting to become good friends and I love it so. Charlotte is mesmerized by whatever Hayden is doing and he loves when she interacts with him. I love watching this little relationship blossom.
Popsicles, everyday: We made some tasty watermelon/lime popsicles this week and it's been our outdoor-after-nap treat (shirt optional) each day. 
Candyland! I have such fond memories of playing this over and over (and over) again with my dad and I love that Hayden is at the age to understand and play this game. 

The Day the Crayons Quit: Have you read this adorable book? It's a big favorite in our house and this weekend we are going to see a production of it- super excited! (We also love this book, by the same illustrator.)

 Favorite Face Wash:  About a month ago, I started using Philosophy's Miracle Worker Face Wash and it was love at first sight. This wash is so gentle but still feels really clean and it makes my skin look brighter on those days I choose not to wear any makeup (let's be honest, most days now that I have 2 babies!) 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Baby, You're a Firework

It's no secret that I love holidays and dressing up my babes. Now that I have two, it's even more fun to coordinate outfits. Old Navy, Baby Gap, and JCrew are our go-to shops for fun baby and toddler outfits. Below are some of my picks for next weekends big celebration. In all likelihood, Miss Charlotte (also known as the spit-up queen) will probably be sporting all three of these outfits on the Fourth- out of necessity!
Baby, You're a Firework

on slowing down and making toast

Most mornings, Hayden and I get a chance to make breakfast together. Our favorite breakfast of late is poke-y (also known as over-easy) eggs  and toast. I make the eggs, he handles the toast.  As any momma of an almost-3-year-old will tell you, we are in a very independent stage- Hayden wants to do everything himself, no help from Momma, please and thank you. 
I watched my sweet boy as he carefully untwisted the bag, counted out 3 slices of bread and put them in the toaster oven, spaced out just so. He closes the door and then turns the dial on the toaster. He wraps the bread up again as best he  can and then asks me to open the fridge so he can put it away in its  proper drawer. Then he watches the bread get toasty. Once the toaster dings, he opens the door and waits for me to put his piece on his plate ("Because it's a little bit hot, Momma.")  I put  a dollop of peanut butter on his bread and hand him the butter knife so that he can spread it around. He then asks for a little jelly on top. He spread this around with equal parts precision and messiness. 
Everything in this process is so single-minded, precise, and intentional. Yes, it's an incredibly simple task, but unlike so many of the tasks in my life, he's doing this one thing and one thing only. He's not checking a recipe, and unloading the dishwasher, and making a mental grocery list, while bouncing a baby on his hip... just making toast. Of course, motherhood is often synonymous with multitasking, but what if  I could slow down and focus on one thing at a time, some of the time?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday

Nick was on a business trip in Hawaii all last week and we only got to see him on Sunday, which definitely wasn't enough time for his number one fan- Hayden. We struggled through all the feels  with that boy this week and are really looking forward to spending some quality time celebrating our favorite this weekend.
Hayden has vacillated between being sweet and loving, to naughty, grumpy, and jealous off and on this week (welcome to toddlerhood, right?). By Monday night I could tell he really needed some one-on-one time with me. So we left Charlotte with Nick and went out for a little Pink Berry + Barnes & Noble date.  (We bought this book, which felt appropriate...)
My babies playing together - Hayden is so sweet aannnd bossy with his sister and I just love it. Yesterday he was teaching her how to play with the parking garage toy. She listened intently to his words and them promptly started chewing on one of the cars. (Against the rules, FYI)
 Like everyone else in the world, I got really into Serial a while ago. Now, on the rare occasions when I'm in the car by myself (thus not succumbing to the request to listen to Taylor Swift on repeat..) I've been enjoying listening to various podcasts. This blog always has great recommendations.
Help please! We have changed our coffee habits drastically since adding a second child to the family and needing that cup of coffee each day. We used to only get lattes from Peet's or our local coffee shop but that's a costly (and not always feasible with 2 kids) habit. So then I started buying cold brew in bottles (much cheaper, but it definitely still adds up). So now I want to make it myself, but we really don't have the counter real estate for another appliance so I'm debating between a French Press (this one is lovely) and a Chemex. Thoughts? Reviews? 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

Make homemade popsicles 
Cook s'mores in the backyard
Visit the beach
Road trip to Yosemite
Buy fresh produce at the Farmer's Market every weekend  
Join the library's summer reading program
Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries  
Swim at Grandma's pool
See fireworks
Make homemade pizza on the grill with Hayden
Hit up the food trucks 
Reinstate a weekly movie night 
Explore new places with our playgroup  
Enjoy drinks in the backyard under the lights with Nick
Go on at least 1 movie date  

Monday, June 15, 2015

my village

Forever, the proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child" (which always makes me think of Hillary Clinton) has stuck with me. I remember hearing this when I was nowhere near being a mom and asking my own mom what it meant. Even though she explained it, I didn't really comprehend fully until I had my own babies. More than ever before, this saying and the chance for me to gratefully and gracefully accept help in all forms means so much to me. 
Here are some near and dear to me that make up my village...
My husband, of course- my co-parent and support system who seems to always step in at the perfect moment.
My sister who stops by on her way home from work to bathe, cook for , clean, rock, and read to my babies.
My mom who uses her time off work to host Hayden for playdates and sleepovers and also gives me so much encouragement and support as a mother. 
My mother-in-law who always has advice, reassurance, and empathy.
My aunt who offers to watch Hayden for a few hours every week so that I can squeeze in a little extra work.
My best friend, who easily steps into the role of caring for my babies each time she visits.
The server in the restaurant who lifts my toddler into a high chair, when I'm carrying the baby.  
My playgroup mommas who will take care of one of my babies, when my arms are full with the other- who hold and care for my kids as they would their own.
My neighbor who drops off dinner when she knows that the kids are sick and my husband is on a business trip.
The momma at the park that shares her wipes, when I have forgotten to pack mine.  
The mommas on Facebook, this blog, and Instagram that commiserate, share stories, offer advice, and lift me up each day.
The strangers on the airplane that give us a warm smile and a kind comment after a flight with our babes. 
Every day I am reminded that I am not alone in this motherhood journey. This village of mine is not traditional in any sense of the word, but I love it so. It lifts me up on the hard days and rejoices with me at the happiest moments. It understands and places great importance on the seemingly insignificant moments that make up a typical day for a momma: potty-training...6 straight hours of sleep... teething...tantrums and terrible twos...the delicate balance of work and home... first foods and first nights away... big boy beds and breastfeeding woes... These women (and men) some of whom I will only ever have a passing interaction with have each left an imprint on me as a mother- and I could not do this without them. The kindness of these people overwhelms and humbles me on a daily basis. So to all of you in my village- thank you. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

5 on friday

It's been quite the week over here- two sick babies who finally seem like they are on the mend!
Hayden and I picked out this little pool at Target and I think it will perfect for some at-home water fun, when we don't want to drive to the pool!
Last Friday, we had the best date night! Love having some rare solo time with my favorite person.
Wednesday Breakfast Date: his concentration on cutting his pancakes just kills me. 
 Sweet little thing is growing up so quickly!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

beginning of summer favorites

When I was younger, summer was always, always my favorite season. Probably because school was out and it was my birthday season. I actually prefer Fall a bit more these days, but there's something so lovely about summer that it still holds a special place in my heart. I'm looking forward to lots of time in the backyard, playing, swinging, and blowing bubbles with my babies... cooking outside, enjoying summer drinks, and the warm, warm weather. Here are a few of my favorite internet purchases as of late... all bought with summer on the mind! 
I've been living in these shorts lately. They are casual and comfortable (with an elastic waistband), but a step-up from actual workout shorts. Seriously - the perfect momma shorts!  
Instead of buying sandals this summer, I opted for a pair of Native shoes for Hayden. I had heard such good things about them and I love that they are water proof, easy to wash, and breathable. Plus, he chose the neon yellow version which happens to glow in the dark.  
Hayden is OBSESSED. with popsicles and they tend to be a good motivator as a reward for taking a nap (no shame...). We usually buy the Outshine kind since they are made with fruit and veggies, but I know he'd get a kick out of making his own. Plus, I like the idea of controlling what goes into them! I think we may have to invest in one of these for the summer.
Shopping for baby clothes has never been more fun, now that we have Charlotte in our lives. Luckily (or unluckily) I have a gap card and do most of the kids clothing shopping at Gap and Old Navy since I'm always getting big discounts for using the card. I love these little onsies so much- cute enough to be an outfit all by itself. Flamingos are having a moment right now, and I love the trend. We have these leggings and this top  in the next size up- ready for Miss C. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

my best friend's wedding (shower)

My best friend, Erin lives in New York, so she flew out for a whirlwind bridal shower/ bachelorette weekend. We had the shower at my house on Friday evening and then headed up to Napa early Saturday morning for the bachelorette party. The colors for the shower were fuchsia, coral, and gold. We rented banquette tables and table clothes for the event, but my mom and I pulled the rest of the items together from our party supplies. 
I picked up flowers from Trader Joe's to create the arrangements in the center of the table. I used these buffet napkins, in alternating colors on top of white plates with gold chargers.  
The first activity of the evening was creating flower crowns from baby's breath. 
After that, we had a light dinner of salads and appetizers.
Charlotte made a brief appearance at the party between nap time and bedtime. 
The dessert table was my favorite- especially with the giant balloons! 

love this girl! 

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