Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 on Friday

It's been one of those weeks and this has definitely helped to get me through some stresses. (It's tiny and you can find it at Whole Foods.)  
Every night, we tidy up from the day so we can start fresh in the morning. There was something so heartbreakingly sweet about finding this elephant on our bathroom floor when I went to get ready for bed. 
Even though our California weather doesn't quite feel like summer- I've been in that frame of mind. I made this simple chicken pasta salad the other night and I can see it being in rotation for many nights to come.
Somehow this little one seems to have doubled in size over the past week. Her clothes actually fit and she's getting those amazingly wonderful leg and wrist rolls.
This is my current weeknight view from 7:30 pm to midnight: work, baby monitor, and a glass of wine (check, check, check).


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

oh, hello

May has been the craziest month so far! I hosted my best friend's bridal shower/bachelorette, complete with a weekend in Napa and we just got back from a 7 day stint in Kauai. It was our first vacation as a family of four and our first time flying with two kids.... The flights were okay- we had 4 total and I would say 3 of them were pretty good, considering the length. The last flight home was terrible but we survived and the stress of it is already fading as we remember what a great vacation we had.
We've been to Hawaii a few times (Nick and I met there!) but this was our first time on Kauai. We stayed at a condo in the Poipu Kai Resort, right across from Poipu Beach. It was the perfect location - a half mile walk to the beach. The beach was a little lagoon with the warmest, gentlest water that was perfect for the under 3 crowd. We had trouble getting Hayden out of the water- he loved it so much. The resort had a pool around the corner from our condo, so we went from beach to pool to beach again most days. 
We decided that Kauai is our favorite island. We've been to Oahu and Maui and this one is a perfect mix of mountains, beautiful beaches, and not-too-many tourists.
Knowing our audience (the under 3 crowd), we didn't plan any activities and had as relaxing a vacation as you can with little ones. Charlotte started teething on this trip and Hayden got a terrible croupy cough. Nick took him to urgent care during the trip because we thought he might be developing an ear infection, but he is starting to seem better now that we're home. Anyway, we know traveling with little ones is always a bit of a gamble and we're grateful for the many happy moments on the trip that outweighed any of the rougher ones! 
Reading before beach time: 
 Evening walk with my brother:
 Pool time with my dad: 
 Sandcastle building:
 My littlest beach babe: 
 More sandcastles: 
 Last night at the beach: 
 so green
 we rented a jeep for the week
 drinks at the beach bar after the babies were in bed
 family shot: 
 Charlotte's first time in the ocean:
 love those chunkies: 
 daily walk down to the beach: 
 My momma and C:
 walking thru the water
 little babes: 
shave ice 4 life  
 Hayden and Emmy (the first day and only time the whole trip he was wary of the water)
there were so many wild chickens all over the island 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

4 months of Charlotte Mae

It's hard to believe my little girl is already 4 months old! She has had a good month after a few harder ones. After another trip to the pediatrician about her reflux and fussiness, he left it up to me to decide to continue giving her the reflux medicine or not. She's been gaining weight (though still tiny in the 5th percentile) so she's getting enough to eat, even with all the spitting up. I decided to take her off the medicine and she's been so much happier. She is generally a happy girl until about 5 pm and then Nick and I take turns holding her and playing with her till bedtime. 
Charlotte is more set in a routine, now that we are officially out of the newborn stage. She takes 3 naps a day in her crib. She sleeps for about 60 to 90 minutes in the morning and then usually (bless her heart!) will take a 2 hour nap at 1 when her brother also goes down for his nap. She takes a catnap in the evening and also sometimes when we are out and about. She has been waking up a little more frequently at night- usually around 12:30 - 1:30 and then again between 3:30 and 5:30. I usually don't have to feed her at the first wake up, just rock her for a bit and put her back in her crib. She still loves her swaddle and noise machine and those things are a lifesaver that allow me to put her down and let her fall asleep on her own, while I take care of Big Brother Hayden. 
Charlotte is mastering the roll from tummy to back and the super baby pose. She can usually kick her legs over and make it to her back, but sometimes needs a little help. In other news, she is a big fan of the Bumbo and loves when I put her in it so she can sit up and keep her eyes on brother at all times.
She is such a little outdoor baby- we have been having more picnics outside (at Hayden's request) and she is usually happy as can be laying on a blanket and staring up at the trees or clouds. She also enjoys walks in the stroller so that she can look around.
We have a new routine this month where most nights she gets a little bubble bath with our favorite new bathtime product and then a massage with some baby oil and lavender before I swaddle her for the night. Daddy has been taking over putting her to bed if I have planned ahead and pumped a bottle the night before. It's a nice way for him to get some extra Charlotte cuddles since Hayden loves to have all Daddy's attention from the minute he walks in the door from work. 
In terms of likes- she's a fan of rattles, her baby gym, and anything that she can put in her mouth. She loves to watch Hayden and she smiles, coos, and shakes her whole body in excitement when he gives her some extra attention. For his part, he is very loving and sweet with her. I can't wait for another 4 months or so when they start interacting even more. 
Little Miss is showing us her personality and she's a sweet baby who's a little reserved. She's happiest in Mommy or Daddy's arms and doesn't care too much for other people, just yet. She is warming up to some of our other family members and I'm glad we still have 4 more months before she starts going to preschool/daycare - I'm not sure the separation would go too well at this point! Anyway, this little girl is the sweetest and we are just so blessed to have her in our family. 
(Months 1, 2, and 3 )

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wednesday Breakfast Date

Twice a month I have a standing breakfast date with one of my favorite people ever. I love love love this tradition that we started. Every other Wednesday, we have to vacate the house early because our house cleaner is here for a few hours (a necessary investment after Charlotte was born!). Because my kids tend to sleep in, there's no time for breakfast before we get out the door, so I instituted a bimonthly breakfast date with my best little boy. His sister usually sleeps the time away, so I can have some sweet and rare alone time with Hayden.
He knows these breakfasts are special too and he's always on his best behavior, sitting and waiting patiently, using his utensils and keeping his napkin on his lap. 
Instead of going to the same place each time, we've tried to mix it up and hit different breakfast spots in the area.  He always wants the same thing for breakfast- an over easy egg, one piece of bacon and a pancake. 
I love this little tradition and I feel so fortunate that I have the flexible schedule that allows me to make memories like this with my kids.  

Sunday, May 3, 2015

new and blue

Our dining room has always been a problem area for me. We have an open floor plan downstairs there's only 1 windowless wall in the dining room. For a time, I tried various furniture arrangements like a buffet table, shelves, or a corner chest but everything always felt to crowded and not quite right for the space. Plus, the light is off center in the room so our table always had to be pushed in the middle to accommodate extra furniture, making it looks kind of silly.
After many many not-quite-right attempts, I decided on a whim to remove all the furniture from the dining room, save the table and chairs and paint the one wall in their dark blue (Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore).
Then, to solidify the changes, Nick switched out our fine/traditional chandelier for something a bit more dramatic- the Bentwood Pendant from West Elm. It's not for everyone, but I love the size and drama of it over our table.
Now our dining room feels a bit more special and I finally feel like it's *almost* finished. I am thinking about switching out the fabric for the curtains from plain white to something with more of a pattern, but not too much color. Maybe something like these or these?  
Also, I want to add another house plant in here... I had a fiddle leaf fig that was big a pretty and despite my best attempts I officially killed it... so time to find something that's big and low maintenance.  Aannnd I may change out the art- we shall see.... 

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