Thursday, April 30, 2015

five on friday

one: we went to a friend's birthday party and she e-mailed me this adorable photo the photographer had taken. My kids and their chubby cheeks! 
 two: 16 days until we are back in Hawaii! Can't wait! (picture taken on our last trip there, two years ago)
three: I posted this picture on instagram yesterday but I just love that it's time to break out the kids summer wardrobes! Also, Old Navy has had some great kids pieces lately.
four: Monday evening we picked up some to-go food from our fav, Whole Foods and took everything to the park for an impromptu dinner picnic. I love that it's light enough and warm enough to do this now. Hayden loves eating outside and Charlotte is pretty content to lay on the blanket and stare at the trees. 
 five: this girl! My sister moved a few miles from us less than a month after Charlotte was born and I can't even begin to tell describe how wonderful it's been. Prior to this, we haven't lived in the same city since I graduated high school (except for summer breaks). Now we see each other like 5 times a week. She is so amazing and loving with my kids and just generally the best. So, a little shout to out to our fav, Emmy! We love you!! 


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hayden Right Now

Hayden is two and three quarters and I want to remember everything about him at this point in his life. Here's a little list of him currently... 
Loves: the color red, his doctor kit, high play toaster + coffee maker, cooking with mommy, being outside, Sesame Street, eating all meals whilst sitting on the counter, Taylor Swift, picnics, art, music.
Eats: favorites include: cheese! bread, salami, honey pretzels, hummus, and eggs.   
Dislikes: fruits and veggies, when he can't figure something out for himself, washing hair in the bath, changing in the morning 
Prefers: Daddy to put him to bed 
Says: "Hayden's turn by yourself." "Let's watch a little show... Good lidea, Mommy!" 
Uses: the potty consistently (yay!!!)
Enjoys: Washing his hands, helping Mommy, blowing bubbles, talking on the phone
Sings: Itsy Bitsy Spider, You are My Sunshine, Rock A Bye Baby among others. 
Wears: His sunglasses and red shoes 
Talks about: His birthday, Christmas songs, showing Daddy things when he gets home from work.
Gives: lots of hugs and kisses to everyone in the family, toys to his sister, and shares food with Mommy and Daddy 

Friday, April 17, 2015

five on friday

one: good morning clean house. I try and make sure the downstairs in extra tidy each night before bed so we can start the day with this view. 
two: big strides in potty-training this week! so proud of my big boy! 

three: obsessed with grapefruit lately and have been eating it on the daily. 
four: my sweet little babe is getting so big! 
five: friday flowers + a sink that I wished worked as well as it looked!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

life right now

Nick has been back at work for a month now and we have fallen into a mostly normal routine during the week. Things can get a little crazy around here with two kids, two pets and two jobs but I really love this season of my life right now. It's often full of mundane tasks, like cooking, folding a million loads of laundry, washing diapers, running errands and cleaning up messes, but it's also full of lovely and peaceful moments each day. My baby may be crying, my kitchen may be full of dishes, my toddler may be running around with no pants on.  I may be covered in spit up at any given time,but I've found the beauty in this little life of ours and I'm treasuring these days so much. I made a little video to remember these first few months as a momma of two, if you'd care to see. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

affordable anthropologie

If I could choose to live in one store, it would probably be Anthropologie- I just love the boho girly vibe that you get when you walk into one of their stores. While I do love shopping there, I'll be the first to admit that they can be a bit on the pricey side. Even on a budget, there are some pretty and unique items that you can intersperse into your home for the same anthro-esque feel. 
affordable anthropologie
metallic timer: We own this little time and it lives on the back of our front door, also known as the time-out corner. It's pretty and magnetic! 
juice glass: cheap and pretty and perfect for mixing and matching with other glasses 
potholder: I own this as well and love the pattern.
towels: Nick actually bought me these towels as surprise when we finished our bathroom; they are thick and I love the gold accents. Even if you didn't want tot buy a whole set, two of the hand towels would make a nice statement.  
planter: isn't this the cutest?! 
latte bowls: I love these bowls and actually just bought them in 4 colors because all our dinnerware from our registry is chipped and looking a little worse for wear.  
mini candles: you know that amazing smell that bombards you when you walk into Anthro? All their candles have such lovely scents and I can attest to the fact that these mini candles still do a great job.  
garden pot: I have a few planters from Anthro that I just love. They are inexpensive and unique. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

five on friday

one: a sweet little corner of Charlotte's nursery... Slowly but surely, it's coming together
two: cold-brew... my new bff4l
three: trying my hand at homemade headbands and using the cutest model I know
four: best toner
five: my sweet little baby-wearing boy

3 months of Charlotte Mae

Well, we are officially out of the newborn stage with Baby Number 2 which makes me sad/happy all at the same time. Having Hayden makes me look forward to all the things that Charlotte will be able to do as she grows older. However, I do so love the teeny tiny newborn stage. 
Anyway, Little Charlotte is making big strides! She is great at holding her head up now and loves to be held in a sitting position so that she can observe her surroundings. She had her first laugh on Monday and has been so happy to share her smiles with us. She enjoys rattles and toys that she can grab and is still a big fan of her Mamaroo. She's also very content to sit in her rocker while I get ready in the morning. 
She has been on reflux meds + I have been on a dairy-free diet for over a month now and I can say that the combination has been helping her mood. She is not so fussy these days (except for the hours of 5pm - 7pm) and she seems to be more interested in feeding. We go back to the doctor next week for a weigh-in and check-up so I'm hoping she's put on some more weight this month.
Charlotte has been wearing some newborn clothes and some 0-3 month clothes which are still a little big. She has a vast collection of headbands to coordinate with all her outfits ;)
Previously, she did not tolerate other people holding her for long, but Daddy is now a solid second-favorite person in her book and she loves to watch her wild big brother too. She still hate, hate, hates the car and usually screams for most of our car rides. Needless to say, we choose our trips out of the house more carefully these days! 
Charlotte continues her good sleeping trend and sleeps in 7 - 10 hour stretches at night and takes 3+ naps in her crib a day (when we aren't out and about). She is easy to put down, loves being swaddled, and already a champ at going to sleep on her own.
We love this little one and can't imagine our family without her and her big smiles and chubby cheeks! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

easter weekend 2015

It was Charlotte's first Easter and we certainly had a busy one! On Saturday evening, we went to my parents' for Easter dinner and a little Easter egg hunt for Hayden. He also got a basketball hoop from my parents for Easter and spent the night shooting hoops with his Daddy and uncles.
On Easter morning, we woke up to lots of cold (much needed) rain, but we still managed to make it to church. I was a little sad than Charlotte didn't get to wear her Easter dress since it was so chilly. 
We gave the kids their Easter Baskets- Hayden's latest prized possession - this toaster "with toast that pops up." Both kids got bathing suits (a family tradition my mom started years ago with my siblings and me) and Charlotte got this cute rattle and her own lovey.
I was really excited about this book- I've heard so many good reviews and Hayden and I have been enjoying reading about the letters in each story. My favorite moment from the day was laying in Hayden's bed that night with both kids reading to them. 
Both kids took really long midday naps so I spent time making this (ridiculous/adorable) cake and Nick and I binge-watched Game of Thrones.
On Sunday afternoon, we headed to a family party and then one more family dinner before calling it a weekend.  
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