Monday, March 30, 2015


This past weekend was a good one with lots of warm sunshine and time outside! We spent Friday evening at my parents' house and Hayden had a sleep over so we had a rare night with just one kid. She's still a pretty good sleeper so we got up a little later than usual and had breakfast out before picking up Hayden. 
On Saturday we had a park and lunch date with a friend and then during nap time, my sister and I painted our dining room wall navy blue. I was craving a change in there and I love the way it turned out! It was such a quick project and everything was cleaned up before the kids were awake. I still have some more things I want to do in there before I call this room complete but the navy is a step in the right direction!
Saturday night, I was getting ready for date night while Nick was running errands and I had both kids in the bathroom with me. Hayden kept running to Charlotte's room and piling toys on top of her and saying "I think she likes it." So cute - though I did have to unearth her a couple of times!
Nick and I went back to Oakland to our favorite bar for some yummy cocktails and tapas. We had such a fun relaxing time together- love getting to steal away for a couple hours, just the two of us!
On Sunday we went to church and then dyed Easter eggs in the evening. Hayden loved the process and it was really fun to see him concentrating and being careful with the eggs- now momma has a lot of hard-boiled eggs to eat this week! 
Happy Easter Week! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

five on friday

the sweetest thing

new favorite: toasted ezekiel bread with avocado + olive oil + sea salt + pepper + crushed red pepper

ikea hack: this stool + some white spray paint
spring flowers: Trader Joe's has been killing it lately! 
a new color for a new project (hale navy by benjamin moore)  

Friday, March 20, 2015

5 on Friday

the kids are alright... This was my first week of solo during-the-day parenting after four blissful weeks of having Nick home with us on paternity leave. We sure do miss him but the week went surprisingly well and we are getting used to just the three of us again. 
my breakfast date... On Wednesday, we had to get out of the house early because we had some people working on it and we ended up going out for breakfast. Charlotte slept in the Ergo and Hayden and I had a lovely time chatting and sharing our toast and oatmeal with one another. I treasure these moments where I can spend a little "alone" time with him.   
St. Patrick's Day...  I bought this shirt for Hayden to wear for St. Patrick's Day and it's become one of his favorites. It's so cute to here him say "Phenomenal!" (Can you tell what my week has been about?! Kids, kids, and more kids...) 
Soooo late to the game... but OMG Serial! I read about it back when it came out and filed it in my brain of things to listen to eventually. Two weeks ago I took a long hike with Charlotte and listened to two episodes in a row and was hooked. Now I try and find time to listen to it when I can and am obsessed. I'm on episode 10...

//looking forward to the weekend// 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

2 months of Charlotte Mae

Hard to believe that Charlotte is already 2 months old. (For future reference, I will probably say that every time I write a post about her...) Little Miss is getting so much more alert these days. She is smiling and focusing on our faces and showing us a little more of her personality. The first month or so, we were saying she always looked suspicious but these days, she looks likes she trusts us a little more- haha. 
Charlotte is still a great sleeper, and consistently sleeps about 7- 10 hours at a time at night. She wakes up once to eat and then sleeps until about 7 am. Not too shabby for a 2 month old! There have been a couple of nights where she's a little harder to settle down and I end up bringing her into our bed (not that I get mad about it- I love cuddling a little baby at night). She doesn't always nap in her crib as well during the day, usually going down easily and waking up like 20 minutes later. So I usually let her sleep next to me while I work on our bed or in the ergo/baby wrap or in her swing. She's a pro at napping on the go and thru noise (#secondbaby). 
Poor thing has had a fussy month with lots and lots of spitting up. She definitely seems to have some tummy troubles. Everything I've read online and in books suggests giving up dairy and seeing if that's the culprit. So I've been doing that since last week (no fun!). It takes up to 3 weeks to see a difference, but I hope that's what it is so Charlotte can start feeling better for longer periods of the day. Also, our doctor has decided to see if some reflux/heartburn medication may help her feel better. She hasn't gained as much weight as he would have liked to see and it might be attributed to her spitting up so much. 
She is currently 9 lbs, 2 oz. and 21 inches long. While she's still a tiny little thing, Miss Charlotte has definitely been growing. She is officially out of newborn diapers and is now in cloth diapers like brother (2 kids in cloth diapers- a little bit scary!). She still mostly wears newborn clothes but some of her 0-3 month clothing fits sort of so I've been putting her in those outfits since they are so much cuter ;) 
Hayden enjoys laying on the ground with Sister and playing toys or "holding" her. I can't wait until she's old enough to be a playmate for him.  

Monday, March 9, 2015


We had a nice full weekend with just the right amount of downtime. On Friday morning we stopped by Whole Foods (tulip sale, yo!) and then headed to the park armed with coffee (for us) and vegan donut (?) for Hayden. 

On Friday night, we hosted a potluck for friends and had a great time eating grilled tacos, drinking a little wine, and chatting. Hayden's bff came over and they were the cutest watching the Aristocats together. 
On Saturday, I had a blissful 2 hours to myself where I got my hair done- and in true "I just had a baby" fashion, I craved a change. So, I decided to get bangs again. Usually I have haircut regret when I deviate from the norm, but I love the way they turned out this time! 
Also of note, I spent time on Friday and Saturday washing and rewashing all our cloth diapers, inventorying them, and sorting by color so that we could start cloth diapering Charlotte. She's just now big enough to fit into them so as of Saturday, we have two in cloth diapers... a little daunting but I'm sure we'll get used to it soon enough! 
We were fortunate that my in laws were happy to babysit for us so we could sneak away for a few hours for an impromptu date night.  
 On Sunday, the day in which Miss Charlotte did NOT adhere to the daylight savings time rule, we were up early.  
Hayden ended up getting the beginnings of a cold and was grumpy grumpy. It's always best to get him out of the house when he's in grumpy mood.   We headed to the City, where they were having "Picnic on the Presidio, with lots of delicious food truck options.  
I had a delicious acai bowl and both boys are some pretty amazing looking grilled cheese. When the wind started picking up, we left for home. Before we crossed the bridge, both kids were snoozing in their car seats.  
We ended the weekend with a family dinner and watched part of The Book Thief  before another week begins! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

5 on Friday

1. 2 months with Miss Charlotte... My littlest love is 2 months old today (already!) and we are loving getting to know this sweet one more and more each day. I'll do a full post sometime next week ;)

2. #Boymom: I posted this on instagram the other day but I just love how brave and independent Hayden is becoming. He is always telling us, "Now Hayden's turn." He loves to climb and explore and though it terrifies me to see him balancing on a rock high above my head, I love his fearlessness.
3. Paternity leave continues... I think we've convinced Nick to take just one more week off to hang out with us. Not that he took too much convincing ;)

4. Favorite Pandora station: I like to listen to the same music over and over and over. (Case in point, my one playlist on my phone is titled Fall 2013... and I'm still listening to it.) However, I enjoy when I find a new station to listen to on Pandora. Lately it's been The Head & The Heart radio. Easy listening for working, making dinner, or car rides (when the 2 and half year old isn't demanding Tay Tay... )  
5.  Bathroom refresh... This week (randomly) we decided to start working on our downstairs bathroom again. It's really the last room of our house that still has some of the original 80s feel to it (hello oak cabinets...). We are trying to finish it off without spending any money really so we'll see how it goes! I'll share more pictures soon. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

favorite healthy breakfast

In an effort to lose some baby weight, I've been eating healthier this week and hoping to continue the trend for the next few months. For breakfast, I'm a french toast/pancakes/waffles kind of girl- all the way. I just love sweet things for breakfast. However, I also really like eggs and since those are much healthier than the aforementioned items, I've been sticking with eggs for breakfast lately. My favorite (healthy) way to make eggs is over-easy, served over sautéed veggies. I mix up my veggie routine but almost always include a sweet potato. 
First, I slice the veggies really thinly (I use my food processor so I can do this in about 2 seconds). Next I heat a little olive oil in a pan and sauté the sweet potatoes and other vegetables (today spinach and zucchini) with some salt and pepper. I add some minced garlic near the end so that it doesn't burn, but still gives a good flavor. 
Once my veggies are cooked, I put them on a plate and cook my eggs in the same pan with a little water.
That's it - super easy, fast, healthy, and filling!  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

in my make-up bag

I always love reading what products other ladies love and thought I'd share my own beauty arsenal. Over the last year or so, I've been switching from drugstore products to higher end product. I decided it that as I approach 30, it's time to take care better care of my skin and buy better products. I actually wear make-up most days. Even as a sleep-deprived momma, I feel like taking 5 minutes to do my make-up really makes me feel more put together and prettier- even if I'm in yoga pants all day! My everyday routine is pretty simple and seriously only takes a few minutes: 
sunscreen + concealer + CC cream + blush + mascara 

When I have time (motivation, somewhere to be) I'll spend a little more time and use all these products to make-up my face:

CC Cream: Love, love, love.   
Primer : I don't use this everyday but on the days that I do, my make-up definitely looks better. 
concealer : bareminerals Stroke of Light because as a full-time working momma of 2, sleep is low on the list of priorities and dark circles aren't attractive!    

blush: I love a slightly rosy cheek and this is the perfect light blush 
illuminator: for when I need that summer-skin look 
eyeliner: goes on easily and stays on all day 
lip balm: I'd like to be a lipstick girl someday but for now this tinted lip balm does the trip of adding some color without too much effort. I love it (and the price!) I have it in a few different colors, but my current fav is red dahlia. 
eye shadow:  I recently started using a cream shadow instead of the powder and I love it. A little goes a long way and I like that you can apply it really lightly.  
brows: I love the trend of darker brows these day but didn't want to buy an expensive product if this wasn't for me. This brow definer is cheap, easy to use, and makes a nice change. 

What are your go-to beauty products??
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