Thursday, February 26, 2015

5 on friday

1. Favorite T-shirt: I discovered this shirt at Anthropologie and now own four! They are the softest shirts and super flattering for anyone with a post-baby body. They are a really good length and look a little more dressed up than the average tee. I hadn't really bought any post-baby clothes before this, but it's nice to have some options that I can feel good in!
(Also, they are good shirts for nursing a babe)
2. Date Night! Our first one since Little Miss made her debut! My sister is babysitting for us tonight so we can go to dinner and a movie. I'm so so excited and hoping that it's an easy night for my sister with the babies!
A date night long before we were parents - #babies #wellrested
3. My little guy...  Hayden has been showing his independent streak lately and for the most part it makes me so happy. He used to always ask for help with everything but he's been trying new things at the park and being much more adventurous. I can't tell you how much I love this age (terrible 2 tantrums and all!) 
4.  And just because I can't show you one without the other ;) 
5. This rug...We have been living with our bare bones bathroom for a couple months and after trying out 2 different rugs, we've ordered another one from World Market and hoping that this one is a good fit. It comes next week and we are excited to finally start decorating the space. 


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

pretty pendant

We had a recessed light in our entryway that has been acting up lately. Nick was working on it the other day and asked me if I would rather a pendant. I, of course, said, "of course!" and not 5 minutes later, I was on the phone with our local West Elm, ordering this light over the phone.  Nick and I picked it up later that afternoon and he started working on it after the kids were in bed. He continued working on it after I went to bed and finished up late at night. Voila - I woke up the next morning to a brand new light that looked like it had always been there!
I love having a pendant light here and it gives a nice warm glow at night. Here's a few pictures of our new light:
Now I'm on the hunt for other recessed lights in our house that can be turned into pendants.... 

Monday, February 23, 2015

easter outfits

I have to confess that one of my many thrills about having two kids comes from the fact that I can dress them in coordinating outfits for holidays. I've been looking forward to this for quite some time! Since Easter is the next big holiday, I've been scoping out some ideas online and have come up with a few options...
Easter outfits

little blue bird easter

Pink dress / Old Navy Striped Front Sweaters For Baby Size 12-18 M - Ink blue / Old Navy Canvas Sneakers For Baby Size 10 - A stones throw / li'l denim ballet flat / 2-Pack Eyelet Chambray Baby Headwraps, $8.28 / J.Crew Boys' Stanton short in garment-dyed chino / Raglan cardigan | Gap

I don't really think Easter is an occasion for multiple outfit changes (although with Charlotte spitting up as she does...) so I'll have to choose one. There are definitely lots of fun options for babies and toddlers right now!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 on Friday

1. Paternity Leave:  Nick has taken off this week and the next two to stay home with me and the babes. I'm back to work (exclusively from home) so it's nice to have someone to help out with the kiddos so I can transition back into working full time. I can already tell that we are going to miss him terribly when this sweet time is over. Thank goodness we have lots of vacations planned this year so we'll get more time with him this year. 
2. Double Stroller = No joke. We finally installed the second seat in our double stroller this week (before this I would just wear Charlotte in the Ergo for all our walks) and I took both kids to the park yesterday. It was such a workout pushing that stroller on the uneven ground and up and down hills. I don't think I even need to try and find time to go to the gym anymore ;) 
3. Made me laugh...  I logged into yesterday and apparently I forgot to update my profile once Charlotte was born. Could you imagine?!
 4. Baby smiles: Charlotte gave us her first smiles last weekend and I've been seeing even more of them over this past week. Melts my heart to see that big toothless grin!
5. I think Hayden and need these shirts... pretty much sums up our mornings ;) 


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our bedroom...done!

Our bedroom has been a neglected work-in-progress for the last couple years and I finally got fed up with it and made some changes to finish off the space. I think I was spurred on by our pretty new bathroom and felt like our room needed some glory too. 
We spend a ton of time in here (sleeping- obvi, but also working, nursing the babe, watching a show together, family movie night, etc.) so I wanted a space that felt clean, bright, and comfortable.
Our overall vibe is bright and neutral with some color thrown in. We love natural wood, lots of white, green plants, and a little gold. This is one room that I can say that I absolutely love every piece of furniture in here and wouldn't change a thing.  
We started this room way back when with a new DIY headboard and some coral pillows. The bed was looking a little lonely on this wall so I recently (as in last weekend) added some sheer curtains and bamboo shades + a mirror over the bed. (Not to worry- the mirror is very secure and will not crash on our heads mid-earthquake.) 
We purchased a new dresser from West Elm after living with a hand-me-down from Nick's childhood forever. Most of my clothes hang up and Nick's dresser fit in the closet so this small one is perfect for me and for the space.
I used to be really against TV in the bedroom, but my cousin gave us this one and I like watching a movie in bed or the news while I'm getting ready in the morning. It's also nice to turn something on for Hayden while I shower so I can still keep an eye on him.
The bench was a recent addition as well, and it adds some balance on the other side of the barn door.
On this wall, I framed some of our recent family photos in some inexpensive Michael's frames, spray-painted gold.
These are the DIY bookshelves that Nick made for me and I love them. The brackets are from Ikea and he just spray-painted them gold (see a trend?) I love how he used two types of wood, sandwiched together to tie in with the multiple wood tones in the room.  
Here's a source list for most of the items in the room: 
lamps: Ikea // nightstands: World Market // shams: World Market and West Elm // quilt: anthropologie (old)// mirror: Target // blinds: home depot // curtains: ikea // leaning mirror: ikea // bench: home goods // planter: anthropologie // barn door: // dresser: West Elm (similar) // shelf brackets: ikea // Bucket List print: read between the lines
Annnnd just for fun, here's the room right after we moved in:

Monday, February 16, 2015

our heartsy weekend

We had a lovely Valentines' weekend with some of our best friends. They came out form New York to meet Charlotte and hang out for the long weekend. Hayden was especially excited about our trip to the airport! We started the weekend off with a picnic in the park, enjoying the warm sunshine.
//hanging out in the car @ the park'n'call//
 Saturday morning, we had a special Valentine's Day brunch for Hayden and our friends and my sister. It was so fun to decorate and have little presents for everyone.
Since Charlotte was too small to really enjoy her Valentine's Day gift or participate in brunch, her main Valentine's fun was multiple outfit/headband changes...
That night, after the kiddos were in bed, we prepared a Valentine's Day dinner. We made lobster tail, bacon-wrapped filets, sweet potatoes, chilled brussels sprout salad, and cheese cake. (Of course there was plenty of wine for all!)
It was such a fun weekend where we spent time trying to reiterate the point to our friends that CA > NYC and they should move out here... I think we have them mostly convinced ;)  
After they left today, we spent some family time at the park, where Hayden was the cutest, walking around his his sunglasses on his head.
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