Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 on friday

Valentine's Fun: This week, Hayden and I spent a quiet morning crafting some valentines, while Charlotte was napping. Last year we hosted a fun playgroup Valentine's Day party but I don't think we are quite up for it this year. Still excited for one of my favorite holidays! 
Bringing up Bébé: I am not reading 10 different parenting books this time around (like I did with Hayden) but I have heard good things about this one and ordered it on Amazon. I am really enjoying it so far and feel like it fits in with our more laid back parenting approach this second time around. 
Walk, walk, walking: I have my postpartum check-up next week and am hoping for the green light to start some more rigorous exercise and finally get back to the gym. Until then, I've been taking lots of walks with the kids, mostly to the park. Pushing a stroller and wearing a baby can definitely make a walk a little more strenuous than usual... We are lucky to have such mild weather this January and have been outside soaking up the sun almost everyday.  
Bedroom updates: After living in our house for almost 3 years, we are finally getting around to decorating and finishing up our bedroom. We are adding pieces that we actually love, instead of a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs. Here's a little peak at some bookshelves Nick built for the space. 
One more week... Next week is my last week off of work. I've really been enjoying this time of just focusing on the kids. However, I don't actually have to leave the house (or them), so I'm not as upset about the transition back this time around. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

our bathroom so far

It's been a while since I posted anything about our bathroom remodel. (Blame it on the babe ;) Our contractor actually finished the week before Christmas and we are about 90% there with everything else. We still need to get the sink plumbed and add some decorations but other than that, this space is pretty much done!
Our favorite feature by far is the walk in shower with a rain shower head. It was definitely a pricier option, but every time Nick or I take a shower, we comment on how worth it the extra cost was. 
For the vanity area, Nick and I picked out a piece of walnut from our favorite local wood company and Nick meticulously epoxied the holes and  sanded it and then installed it. It is exactly what I envisioned when we started this bathroom remodel. The sink on top is a large trough sink with two faucets and it will be great once we get it working!
Right now the room is very neutral with grey tiles on the floor, a white shower and white walls. We plan to add a colorful rug and some art to dress it up a little.
One other project that we are going to be tackling is the linen cupboard. When I painted our first vanity grey, I painted this cupboard grey as well to match. I didn't sand first so the grey hasn't held up well. Nick is planning to remove the doors and build a wood frame and wood doors that we'll stain to match the vanity. He also wants to add some better organization.  We gave up a lot of storage space by choosing an open vanity so we need to maximize this area to give us better storage. 
We are excited to finish up this bathroom, but even as is, it's a million times better than where we started. We can't say enough good things about the company we worked with (LaBrie Construction for anyone local and looking!)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

5 on Friday

1. Pink flowers everywhere We have been so lucky to have lots of visitors stop by this last week to meet Baby Charlotte. My house is full of pink flowers, homemade desserts, and pretty much all the take-out options at Whole Foods. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to our family this past week!
2. Due Date. Today is my official due date with Charlotte, but she's already been here 10 days! It's crazy to think that I could still be pregnant right now!
3. Ummm... the Bachelor  The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure. I love it and hate it at the same time. I was excited to learn that Chris was the new bachelor but after watching this week, I couldn't believe how dumb/crazy all the girls are this season... I mean, yikes!
4. This is the sweetest article...  One of my friends posted this to Facebook yesterday and it totally resonated with me (and perhaps made me a little teary...) Totally worth the read for you other momma's of young kids out there! 
5.  Valentine's Day It's one of my favorite holidays and it's less than a month away! I've been looking online at some cute V-day outfits for both kids...
valentine's day

Thursday, January 15, 2015

One week in...

We've officially been home together as a family of four for one week and what a week it has been; full of adjustments, some tears, lots of love, lots of coffee, and plenty of dirty diapers! 
I think I will forever cherish the memories of this week. I've never felt like Nick and I are more of a team than I have this past week. We've been juggling responsibilities and kids back and forth, trying to make sure both kids are getting enough attention. We've taken turns rocking the baby, singing lullabies, fixing food, and putting each kid to bed. Every night, when both kids are peacefully sleeping and we have a few minutes alone together, I feel like we've accomished something big- making through another day. I know everyone with multiple kids juggles this and much more, but doing this together is making it so much sweeter. Nick is heading back to work today and I will sorely miss my partner! 
This week has been challenging but also with plenty of those moments that have made my heart feel unbelievably full. 
When both kids fell asleep and I stayed in the Lowe's parking lot with them while Nick ran in to pick up more things for our never-ending renovations:
When Hayden quickly brings me a paci as soon as Charlotte starts to cry.  
When we were having an especially trying night and we took the kids and Lucy for a late walk and covertly split a beer while talking the whole way.  
When Hayden leans over to gently kiss Sister on the head each night before bed.  
When we all pile into the rocker to read a story together. 
I'm sure we'll have many more ups and downs as we navigate this new territory of parenting 2 kids, but I can only say that this first week in has made me love my little family more fiercely than I ever thought possible. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Charlotte Mae's Birth Story

Fair warning- this is super long! I just wanted to write down every detail so I had the record of it.
With this pregnancy, I was kind of expecting the same sort of long drawn-out labor that I had with Hayden. However, things went quite differently this time around! On New Year's Day we travelled back from a mini-vacation in Carmel. We were both a little nervous that night because Hayden had been acting normally all day and then got really quiet and ended up having a random fever that night when we put him down.  He's been sick enough that I'm usually not worried about every fever but for some reason I was super concerned.  
That night, all night long, I had contractions that were irregular in length and intensity. Some were 10 minutes apart, some were 3 minutes apart. They were painful enough that I couldn't sleep thru them but not painful enough to consider going to the hospital. Plus we were 16  days from Baby Girl's due date so I didn't think she'd be that early. Eventually they tapered off and around 4:30, I was able to get some sleep. When Hayden got up, his fever was down but he definitely wasn't feeling good and had thrown up twice that morning and fallen to sleep on my contracting tummy in my bed (so unusual for him). So, I was preoccupied with him. I figured that if I was in labor, it seemed like it would be the same as his and I would have contractions off and on for the next 5 days so I wasn't getting my hopes up that she'd be here any time soon.  The rest of the weekend passed with no contraction action. 
On Monday morning, I made an appointment with Hayden's pediatrician because he was still not feeling well- his cough and general sickness had been going on since Thanksgiving pretty much and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't too serious. He told us that Hayden had a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics for him so that he would finally get better. His doctor also took one look at my giant belly and said, I'll see you next week for the other one. For some reason this really buoyed my spirits because even if baby wasn't coming this week, she would be here so soon.  
On Monday afternoon, Hayden, Nick and I went to my 38 week OB appointment. She asked how I was feeling and I said, "Really ready not to be pregnant any more!" I told her about the contractions but said that my experience with Hayden suggested that they weren't doing much for my body just yet. However, after a check, she was like, "Actually, you're 4 cm dilated.... and this baby will probably be here in the next day or two!" I was really shocked, not expecting this at all. She cautioned us not to wait too long to go to the hospital because this baby was going to come really fast when she did arrive. I was a little skeptical, thinking she might just be trying to make me feel better about the whole thing. The last thing she said was that she didn't expect to see me at my 39 week check-up because I'd already have the baby by then.  
I was excited- Nick was freaked out! The nursery hasn't been finished and we couldn't even walk in there. He had a lot of last minute home projects to tie up before her birth, plus Hayden was sick, etc. etc. Also, he just went back to work that day after 2 weeks off so he was trying to catch up with things there.  
That night, we went over to his grandma's house for dinner and I was having some mild contractions from the OB check, but nothing serious. I went to bed that night with no contractions. 
Tuesday morning, I took Hayden to preschool and ran some errands, then came home and cleaned my house, caught up on a bunch of work, did all our laundry, and packed up the last of the hospital bag. Around 12, I started having contractions again. They were 4-8 minutes apart and medium strength. I thought this could maybe maybe be it, but was still not really. I decided to take a shower and do my hair (as you do when you're in labor), just incase we were headed to the hospital and it would be my last nice shower for a while. Anyway, I got all the way ready and my contractions were fairly strong, but not terrible. I debated going to pick up Hayden from school and then decided against driving through contractions and called Nick. When he answered, he was like,"It's time isn't it? I'm leaving now." I didn't want to be the boy that cried wolf so I kept saying I'm not sure but maybe.  I called the doctor's office, told them what was going on and they said to go ahead to the hospital and the doctor would meet us there. 
Nick and I made a plan to go together to pick up Hayden (though I waited in the car) and then drop him off at my mother-in-law's school which is right down the street from the hospital. I texted my mom on the way, who was going to be meeting us at the hospital to be there for the birth. 
The whole time we were driving, my contractions were getting worse and were consistently 5 minutes apart. When we got to the hospital, they checked us right into a room instead of having us wait in triage for a check to make sure I was in labor. Even at this point, I still couldn't believe this was the real deal. I felt sure we'd be sent home a few times, just like with Hayden. 
My mom showed up and I was hooked up to the monitors to see how the contractions were doing. When the nurse checked me, she said I was only about 4.5 cm dilated so I still had a ways to go. She asked if I was planning on having an epidural. Nick and I had talked about it and decided that I would try to do it naturally, but if I felt like I couldn't handle it anymore, then I would end up getting the epidural. So they started an IV line but capped it. 
After being in bed for about an hour being monitored, the contractions were about 2 -3 minutes apart and were still intense but not unbearable. I was able to breath through them and then talk  through them. When the nurse came in again, I asked for the wireless monitors so that we could walk around and try to get things moving. She had the worst time trying to get them to work and stay on my belly and it took her a good 45 minutes to get everything working. I started getting ready to walk around and the contractions got super intense. I didn't even make it past the end of the bed. For another hour, I sat there with my mom pushing on my back and squeezing Nick's hand. The contractions were so strong and I was having a lot of trouble breathing through them.  
The nurse set up the whole cart for delivery and she was like, you're definitely in active labor now. She did another check since it had been 2 hours since the first one and she sadly reported that I was  only 5 cm. At this point, I was in so much pain that I said I wanted the epidural. It looked like it would be a long road toward delivery at this rate.  
They were able to get the anesthesiologist into the room in about 10 minutes and by 6:50pm, I was feeling the full effects of the epidural. At 7:10, the doctor came in and checked my progress. I expected to still be around 5, but I was already 9 cm. While she was checking, my water broke. She told me that I would probably be ready to deliver in the next 2 hours.  
Not 5 minutes after she left the room, I started shivering. My mom asked if I was cold, and the nurse in the room said I probably had just dilated to 10 cm. I guess you can get shivery right before you are ready to deliver. She did a check and said I was definitely 10 cm. I couldn't believe how fast everything was going. She went to let the doctor know that she needed to come back into the room. While she was gone for a couple minutes, I started to feel the pressure that meant it was time to push. 
When the nurse came back in, she and another nurse got the stirrups up and told me how to push. My mom and Nick were each on one side of me, holding the back of my legs. The nurses had me do one practice push and then told me to stop really quickly since the head was already come out. I was waiting there for a minute when the doctor rushed in. She saw the situation and said, "I don't know if I can get my gloves on fast enough!" She was putting on her gloves and she was like, "Are you pushing?!" I wasn't, but Miss Charlotte decided she was ready to come out on her own. Luckily the doctor had time to position herself to catch the baby. That was it- half a push and she was here.  
They put her on my chest for a a few seconds and then took her away because she hadn't started crying. Once they cleared out her mouth, she gave a healthy cry and the nurses spent a few minutes drying her off and cleaning out her airways.
The whole experience happened so unbelievably fast. I couldn't believe that she was born just a few hours after we arrived at the hospital. 
We stayed for two days at the hospital. Since Charlotte was a little small for her gestational age (38 weeks, 4 days) they had to check her blood sugar for the first 24 hours of life to make sure she was getting enough nutrients. I also ended up getting pretty nauseous while recovering and had to be given anti-nausea medication in an IV so that I could keep some food down. But other than those minor things, we were both healthy and able to leave on Thursday afternoon. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

She's Here!

On Tuesday evening at 7:41 pm, we welcomed our sweet daughter, Charlotte Mae Reisfelt into the world.
She was 10 days early and is the tiniest little thing at 5 lbs, 14oz and 17.5 inches long. 
We are heading home from the hospital today and excited to be together as a family of four! 

Monday, January 5, 2015


Usually I'm all about making resolutions for the new year but not so much this year. With a new baby on the way (any day now!) and a toddler, plus work, and just life in general, I'm not going to make any lofty goals for this year. Instead, I'm hoping that we just learn to live and grow as a family of four. Last year was busy, busy, busy for us and though adding another kid to the mix won't make things any less crazy, I'm hoping we can slow down and spend more time at home and with each other this year. 
We don't have any major projects planned for the house for the new year- things finally feel done-ish in that department. Of course there are always little things to tackle but we are taking the pressure off and not worrying about those projects anytime soon. 
We are planning a few trips this year- mostly with family. We hope to go to Hawaii in May with my side of the family and to Disneyland next summer with Nick's side. We also will be attending (and participating in) the wedding of my best friend in October in Ohio. We're hoping to sneak in some time in Kentucky during that trip since Nick and I haven't been back since college.
Nick and I will both be turning 30 this year and Hayden will be 3. Time is flying by and we want to savor it as much as we can!
I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a great year!  
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