Wednesday, October 29, 2014

a new rug

As I mentioned last week, I ordered a new rug for our entry way so that the old one from could live in the future nursery.  I ordered it from Lulu and Georgia. I have been a long time fan of their website and especially admired their rugs. Their shipping was so fast! The rug came on Monday (see, the stomach flu wasn't the only thing to show up at our house on Monday!) and I was so excited to set it up. It's a 4x6 rug so it's a little bigger than what was there before which is a definite plus!
I love, love, love the color and it really has a high quality feel.
I'm also thankful for a husband who doesn't mind a healthy dose of pink in the house. :)  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

first time in the trenches

Yesterday Hayden woke up throwing up in his bed. And so started the day of the stomach flu at our house. I feel like going through the stomach flu is a right of passage as a parent and we survived round one (of many, I'm sure!).
Luckily, I only got thrown-up on once and Hayden stopped throwing up before his nap.  It was so sad/cute when he was warning me that he was going to the throw up. He told me that his "herccups" (hiccups) were hurting and he needed Mommy to kiss his mouth.
He slept 3.5 hours and then woke up in a cheerful mood with no more sickies... until 1 am this morning :/  
He got lots of Mickey time, snuggles with Momma, and a steady diet of pedialyte and saltines.
We are hoping that it was really just a one-day bug and we're on our way to recovery well before Halloween.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday

Bathroom Remodel We have officially signed a contract with our contractor and have a start date for our master bathroom remodel (November 10th)! I'm so excited. It's going to be such a huge change from what we are currently used to and the best thing is that it will all be done by this time next month! This weekend's task- picking out tile and fixtures - wohoo!
Glucose Test Today I'm taking my glucose test- blehhh... Not excited! I remember it being not as horrible as I thought it would be last time around, hopefully I have the same experience again! 
Make this soup right now. I made this White Chicken Chili the other night for dinner and it was so so good. We love a good soup and this one was easy to pull together and toddler and husband approved.
Kickstarter: My company just launched a kickstarted campaign to improve our app, Todo Math. Todo Math is an app for early elementary children and our goal is to make it comprehensive and accessible for all students!  Our dreams are big for this app and I'm so proud to work for this company and have a part in designing Todo Math. 

New Rug! I have had this West Elm rug in our entry way for the last 6 months or so and I love it. However, I really want to use it in the baby's room and it gets dirty easily since it's in our main entry way. Impulsively, I bought this rug from Lulu & Georgia yesterday. I love their site and all their rugs are so fabulous. Can't wait for it to get here!  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

the cleaning files: tackling the laundry

This might be a boring post for some, but truly it's something that's been a game-changer at our house. Nick works a lot of hours during the week so that he can focus on his family on the weekends. I work 30 - 40 hours during the week but my schedule is very flexible, and I have time during my day to focus on the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and most importantly Hayden. It's a very ideal situation for our family and I'm so lucky that we have it. However, in an effort to make our weekends just about relaxing and not about catching up on a million chores, I try and do as much as possible during the week in terms of keeping our house clean. I used to follow a cleaning schedule and do a little bit each day, but that kind of fell off during this pregnancy and I've switched tactics and do a big, fast cleaning on Friday mornings. Hayden likes to help and it's nice going into the weekend with a freshly cleaned house. 
One thing that has always been a struggle is laundry. We just have never been good at staying on top of it in our whole 6+ years of marriage. We used to have two big laundry baskets in our closet and Hayden had a smaller canvas bin in his closet. The laundry baskets held a lot and I always waited for them to be full to do a wash- meaning I was washing like 4 loads of laundry at once. The folding and putting away obviously took a while too!
About a month ago, we invested in one more stylish and smaller laundry hamper for our upstairs hallway. (Hayden helped pick it out from the Container Store.)  We donated the laundry hampers from our closets and used Hayden's for toy storage. Now we have one place to put all the family laundry. It fills up quickly, but that means I'm doing laundry more often and therefore it's done in more manageable, smaller loads.
My favorite thing about the new laundry system is that Hayden is a great helper. He loves to put his clothes in the hamper each night and close the lid. He also is wonderful at picking up Daddy's clothes should they end up on the floor ;)  
I usually fold laundry in the mornings while Hayden is playing downstairs or eating breakfast and put it all away before we go to bed at night. Only putting away a few things per person makes the task much less daunting.
Also, since we use a natural laundry detergent without any fragrance or dyes, I will have no problem throwing Baby Girl's clothes into the mix when she arrives as well. The fewer separated loads, the better!  

Monday, October 20, 2014

pumpkin patch fun

This weekend we headed out to the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm to pick our pumpkins and enjoy the festivities. This pumpkin patch also has a train ride, a hay tunnel/maze, and lots of little activities for kids. Hayden had fun going from pumpkin to pumpkin and picking out all different shapes and sizes. In the end, he picked a modestly sized pumpkin that he could carry around.

Friday, October 17, 2014

five on friday

Zoo day. This week we joined some friends at the Oakland Zoo. It was Hayden's first trip ever and he had a good time (despite the 90 degree weather!). His favorite parts were the giraffes, elephants, and the train ride around the zoo.
Sweet boy. Nick was sick last week with a cold and I got it this week. Luckily it seems to have skipped Hayden. He is so sweet- he's been patting me on the back and saying, "Poor Mommy." and "Did Mommy cough? Did Mommy sneeze?" whenever I do. 
Renovations. We haven't started yet on Baby Girl's new room but we are a few steps closer in the process. We also decided to remodel our master bathroom and give it less of a 1985 look and more of a 2014 look :) We are working with our contractor to finalize plans and hopefully start that work soon. Here are some of our inspiration pictures for our dream bathroom. All via pinterest.
Light Reading.  I feel incapable of reading anything super serious these days so I usually settle for quick books that I can put down easily. I recently finished Mindy Kaling's book and loved it. She's just so funny and down-to-earth seeming.
27 weeks- what what? I can't believe we are already at the end of the second trimester- this pregnancy is flying by! We are less than 3 months from our actual due date... ay yi yi! 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

our favorite Halloween books

We have been enjoying the Halloween season over here and pulled all our Halloween books out of storage on October 1st. Hayden loves reading with us so we have a good selection. Most of these were purchased pretty cheaply on Amazon or at Target.
1. The Berenstein Bears: Trick or Treat: A favorite classic for both Nick and me when we were little. 
2. One, Two...Boo: A hidden flap book that has cute illustrations.
3.  Owl Babies: Not a traditional Halloween book but a cute and simple to understand story. 
4. Llama, Llama Trick or Treat: A short board book featuring our favorite storybook character! 
5. Stellaluna: Not strictly a Halloween story but all about a little bat. I love this book! 
6. Where's My Mummy?
7. Room on the Broom: A little long, but a fun story- I read it really fast so that we can make it through the whole book with Hayden. 
8. Five Little Pumpkins: A cute little rhyme. I used to do this one with my Kinders back when I was teaching and it was always a favorite.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby #2 Shopping List

We're lucky that we have most of what we need already for when Baby #2 makes her debut. We were well stocked with Hayden and are reusing most of what we had - crib, diapers, changing pad, bobby, high chair seat, breast pump, monitor, ergo, etc. We have a short list of things that we need to purchase for this baby. We decided to space out our purchases so that we can make 1 per month for the next several months (and take advantage of our Buy Buy Baby Coupons!). Here's what's on our list and why:
The one we used for Hayden was a hand-me-down from his cousins and is going to expire soon. We had a chicco last time and really liked it, plus we have 3 bases for it so we don't have to purchase any more.  
We have a BOB running stroller now and really like it but aren't interested in a gigantic double-BOB. We're hoping for something a little more compact and all my research points to this one being a good choice. I like all the configurations it can have, plus the heavy duty wheels. 
We used the Moby wrap with Hayden and I liked it but it was thick and a little cumbersome. I've heard nothing but good things about this wrap- especially for shorter mommas! Plus the stripes are the cutest. 
Knowing that I used our rocker last time all the time, we are willing to make an investment in a nicer one that we can use for a long time. I like that this one is stylish so that it can also live in a non-nursery once those days are over! 
We bought this cheap sound machine for Hayden right at the beginning and have been using the same ocean sound every night- even on vacation. We decided that using the exact same sound for Baby #2 will be helpful when they have to sleep in the same room, like in a hotel, for example. 
 //swaddle blankets//
We used aden&anis swaddles with Hayden and they were our favorite, hands down. They're soft and breathable and they hold up really well. He still uses his swaddles to sleep with at school and on trips. The 4-pack was perfect so that we always had clean ones and when it was cold, we would use two together.  
Of course, I left off clothes and nursery accessories from that list, but these are the basics that we are planning on with Baby #2.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hayden's Toddler Room

Now that Hayden is sleeping in a big boy bed, I decided that I wanted to give him room a few little updates as he transitions from the nursery stage. His nursery was all about soothing, calm colors but his big boy room is colorful and fun- perfect for an active 2 year old boy! 
We removed one dresser from his room and consolidated all his clothes into his current changing table dresser. We're hoping that potty training will commence in the next month or two and that changing pad can be moved over to "Sister's" room.
Hayden's bedding is from a few different sources: the sheets are Land of Nod, the blankets from Home Goods, and the throw pillow was sewn by my mom last year. The bed is from
If you've been reading our blog forever, you may remember this desk that my father-in-law built for our apartment. It's been sitting (mostly unused) in the current office/future nursery. We love the desk, but I never really work at it and it was taking up a lot of space. So Nick cut down the legs and now it is the perfect height for a play table for Hayden. Hayden picked out the chairs with me at the Container store. He couldn't decide on one color so we came home with an orange, blue, and pink chair. Hayden is a big fan of art time so I love that he has a little space for drawing/coloring/playdough in his room. 
The curtains were made by my mom. I saw these curtains on the Land of Nod website and thought they would be perfect for H's room. However, I wasn't crazy about the price. We did a little Ikea hack and used their simple long white curtains with some yellow fabric sewn in stripes. 
I got the rug about 6 months ago on It's an indoor/outdoor rug with a little bit of a plasticky texture. The texture surprised me when I first got it but it ended up being a happy accident. This rug covers the carpet well and is easy to clean - perfect for a toddler room!  
We've used this chair in H's nursery for the last year or so. (It first lived in our living room). We don't really use it much anymore because we've taken to reading books on the bed or in the teepee. However, we're short on space in this house and so it stays in here for now! My mom and I are talking about making a slipcover for it since the blue is a little dark and it would be nice to protect the fabric for when it does get to live in a grown-up space again. 
I love how everything turned out and how the whole vibe of the room changed to match Hayden's personality. I also like how it has an unintentional "camp" kind of theme with the arrow sheets, the teepee, the lantern, the rope pulls on the dresser, and the tree branch lamp.  I'll probably continue to tweak it for the next couple months, but it's done for now!
I'm so happy we were able to give Hayden his own special big boy room before Baby #2 arrived!  

Friday, October 10, 2014

5 on Friday

 My favorite candle: I've loved this candle from Anthropologie for years. It always reminds me of fall and winter and makes our house smell so cozy. Hayden and I picked it up last Friday and I've been burning it everyday since then. (Although it should be noted that Hayden was lobbying hard for a red candle instead.)
Goodnight Moon: The other night Hayden and I went for a walk and it got dark pretty quickly (funny how that happens in October... we were tricked by the hot weather in thinking it would still be light late).  We saw the moon, which prompted all sorts of "good nights" from Hayden. Some of my favorites: "Good night, barking dog." "Good night, abacus"  "Good night, Mommy's belly."
Jennifer Garner: I've always loved her but even more after this statement! So refreshing.
Our love of Chipotle: Hands down our favorite (and really only) "fast food" restaurant.  Hayden and I love Chipotle and will often get take out from there when Nick isn't around. (Nick likes it too but they get it catered a lot at work so he has it way more often than us). The other day we had a little lunch date there and Mr. H ate every last bit of his taco. 
Baby snuggles: I got this picture on my Time hop app the other day and it just got me so excited about naps cuddling with a sweet little babe again.  Nothing better! (14 weeks and counting...) Both Nick and I have tried laying down with Hayden in his new bed when he wakes up at night and we've both received a few inadvertent slaps in the face.... 

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