Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY No-Sew Teepee

As Hayden is getting bigger, we are slowly changing his room to fit his needs. We brought in some shelves and organized his toys, got rid of his old rocker, and the latest- made a play teepee for his room. My friends from playgroup and I decided to get together one Saturday night with wine and teepee supplies to make teepees for our 3 kids. 
There are 10 million and 1 teepee tutorials on Pinterest and we decided we wanted one that was uncomplicated and didn't involve sewing since only 1/3 of us possesses sewing skills. So we chose this one, with a few of our own modifications.
Our supplies included: 5 wooden poles, a drop cloth, grommets, and rope. My friend's dad kindly cut all the poles to 6 ft, and sanded the edges for us.
 We measured 12 inches down and drilled holes in the center of each pole.
Then we arranged the poles in a teepee shape and threaded the rope through the each hole. 

We wound the rope around and around to secure the poles together. Here's where we would make a modification. If you fold up the teepee, the rope gets loose. So it would be best to screw the poles together or glue the rope to the poles, so that it stays taut.
After building the frames, we measured the amount of fabric needed with our drop clothes. We added 6 grommets total to each teepee  so that we could lace ribbon through the top. 
After this it was 11:00 pm, we were all a little punchy so we decided to call it a night and finish everything on our own.
The last steps were mostly putting it together, and making it a little more decorative. I added some grey and white fabric for trim on either side of the teepee opening and some bright green ribbon laced through the grommets.
I also hot glued the fabric to the poles so that everything stayed in place a little bit better.
Now the teepee is a favorite place for Hayden to read books, play hide and seek and for Lucy to hide when Hayden wants to give her extra loving ;)
We love the teepee and feel like it was a perfect addition to Hayden's toddler room.  

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