Monday, March 31, 2014

a mini getaway

Nick and I spent 24 hours up in Napa, returning home just this morning. The purpose of the trip was a work function for Nick but we had time to enjoy some alone time too! Nick has been working like crazy for the last couple weeks so it was so nice to actually see him for more than a few minutes! 
We started the day at one of our favorite Napa spots, Gott's Roadside Cafe  where we enjoyed a combination of burgers, fries, and wine. 
We had time just to visit one winery and headed to Markham Vineyards, since we have been there before and enjoyed their wine. We definitely enjoyed it this time and left with 6 bottles and a new wine club membership ;) 
After that we head back to the resort to get ready for the evening and attended a fun reception and dinner with Nick's coworkers.
This morning, we had time for a quick breakfast before heading back to reality and found this place that served amazing freshly made mini donuts as an appetizer.
All that eating and drinking probably equates to a couple extra workouts this week, but everything was delicious and it was even better to spend some time with my love!  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Paci Problems...

Hayden hearts his paci x 10. He's a big fan. We were fine with it the first year, but now as he is approaching two, we are feeling concerned that he's still so reliant on it to fall asleep. He's a great napper and a pretty good night time sleeper. However, if he wakes up at night, it's usually because his paci has fallen out of the crib and he needs it back.
We had a deadline in our heads of 18 months to wean him off. Didn't happen. Then we were like, well maybe 2 years. We're lucky that as of last month he doesn't need it at all during the day  (though does ask for it sometimes), just at sleep times. In fact, I read a lot of things online that said that it was okay for kids to continue using a paci at night after 2. However, Hayden's pediatrician told us that the sooner we can get rid of it the better.
We're kind of chicken about the whole thing, fearing that taking it away cold turkey will turn our kid into a terrible sleeper. Our pediatrician recommended cutting a hole in it so that it doesn't function the same and supposedly the child will just not like it and give it up on their own.
I've tried that mostly unsuccessfully a couple of times so far... I'm going to keep trying but I don't know. Any success stories for giving up the paci? We're willing to try anything!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

dining room progress and plans

We've been working on slowly updating our dining room since we got our (almost-free!) West Elm Table last Fall. Back then, I thought I would mix-and-match seating with all white wooden chairs and metal cafe chairs at the ends. We lived with it for a while but the mismatched white chairs felt chaotic and not cohesive. So, we decided to change those out for 2 more metal chairs (at a great price from Then we decided to get more comfortable arm chairs for the ends from West Elm. These were pricier but we had some credit card points saved up (like with the table) so we were able to get them for a little cheaper than listed on the site. 
Finally, we got a rug for under the table. I know cowhide isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I really love the irregular shape and how easy it is to clean. (Plus it was on super duper sale so we got it for almost 50% off!)
 Since we moved the cabinet out of the dining room, things are feeling a bit more empty. We have plans to built a skinny console table for the one windowless wall of the room  and take down the shelves on the other side of the room.
Hayden's craft table moves around the room, and we haven't quite found a permanent spot for it. He sure does love it though and uses it every day.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

love in numbers

110 The number of texts back and forth between the hubs and me just yesterday.

75 The number of degrees it was outside yesterday. 
23 The number of days until our family vacation to South Carolina.
17 The number of kisses I got on my cheek from Hayden yesterday.
45 The number of kisses Lucy got from Hayden yesterday...
8 The number of times I've read Llama, Llama this week.
3 The number of toddler mini-meltdowns we had yesterday.
A million billion The number of times I've thought how much I truly love my life with these boys.

{Inspired by this post.}

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


When I was a teenager, I used to really like to rearrange my room. That sense of fun hasn't left me yet, even as I get closer to 30 ;) Seriously though, I love moving furniture around and finding a new way to use our spaces. With an open layout, we don't have as many options for furniture placement, which is why we stuck with the same arrangement for the better part of 2 years. (Check it out here.) However, myself last week had had enough and Nick came home to a completely different layout. Luckily, he likes it a lot, as does everyone that's been over to our house in the last week. It just feels much more open and spacious- always a plus in a 1200 sq. ft house! Apologies for the shadowy pictures, it's a tricksy area in the morning. 
I also move the cabinet from our dining room into the living room and cleaned out the bottom so that we have a dedicated toy cabinet downstairs for Hayden. He loves it, I love it. I love not having 5 million toy baskets all over the place. And for reals, why store china you're not planning on using for the next 20 years, when you can store toys?! 


Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Noosa. Have you tried this yogurt?? I love it- the flavors are so good! I've been sticking with eating healthy lately so I've been having the yogurt to curb any cravings for sweets. Hayden loves it too and we've been sharing a small tub of it at snack time. 

2. I miss cooking. My Pinterest board is overflowing with recipes that I want to try. I miss cooking (and my kitchen a lot!)
3. Buuuuut... my countertops went in yesterday! Here's a little peak at them, I'll share more next week, when our kitchen is put back together. Our faucet is backordered by 2 -3 weeks so my friend is lending us one to use temporarily so that we can have a working sink again.
4. Ahh Bangs! I got my haircut on Wednesday and decided to do bangs for a bit of a change. I'm always so scared when I do major changes to my hair but I like the way they turned out. My BFF told me that bangs are a good mom style because your hair can look like you styled it, even if it's in a messy bun!
5.  Tulips. Our local Whole Foods had a sale last Friday where you could buy 30 tulips for only $10. I bought some for our house and some for other people and I love this huge bright bouquet of tulips in our house. Love Spring! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

That hole in our wall..

The infamous 80s shutters have officially left the building and in there place we now have this beautiful walnut framed window/shelf. (THAT I LOOOOOVE!)  My father-in-law, Bob the Builder and Nick built it out of walnut last weekend. We loved the color of the wood so much that we didn't stain it at all, we just put a few protective coats of polyurethane on it since it is right above the sink. Nick and Bob decided to extend the ledge out on either side of the window. We can use it for a picture ledge or just leave it as is.
With a wider shelf, our little bench set up from the shutters days was looking a little off.
I basically tried every table combination, since we did need something on that wall.
Then I decide to try our behind-the-couch cabinet and I loved the way it looked under the window- just perfect. Well, moving the cabinet resulted in me moving around the entire downstairs... but that's another story for another day! 
My friend Dani came over yesterday morning and she ended up styling our entryway for me. Love love love the combination of grey + gold + white + wood + greenery. It's working for me ;)  (also... sorry for the night time pictures!) 
The only problem now is that the rug that's been there just really doesn't go. I'm not too upset about it since I bought it on clearance for $30 and I think it would be a nice addition to our patio this summer. However, now I'm on the hunt for a new rug. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

and now... an ottoman coffee table

Soooo, if you've been reading our blog for a while, you might remember that one time we made over this ugly ottoman for our coffee table. Then we moved into this house and decided to use our original coffee table in the living room. The ottoman matched Hayden's decor so it lived rather pointlessly in his room for the past year and a half. Then he started walking and we put on those ugly bumpers around the coffee table. And he likes to bang things on it a lot so we started getting some scratches. All in all, it wasn't looking so hot. So, I was thinking long and hard about what to replace it with and I thought, why not the ottoman. It definitely needed different fabric because the one we used originally had a water stain from the humidifier and didn't really match the living room.
Then I thought, instead of bringing in another pattern/color (I'm terrible at picking fabric- it takes me months and months to decide), why not cover the ottoman in leather? Nick and I really like the look of a tufted leather chair so I thought the ottoman would be a good substitute. The leather wouldn't compete with any of the other patterns in the room and it would look warm and a little traditional in our mishmash  living room. 
I found this distressed suede cloth that is so incredibly soft at Joann's and knew it was the perfect fabric for our living room.  
I made 20 buttons to use for tufting and was surprised at how easy the process was.
The tufting took a long long time and my fingers were killing me. Since the ottoman is just foam all the way through, there's nowhere to drill holes to feed the thread through. So I did a lot of measuring and guessing and checking to make sure my buttons were straight.
After doing all the tufting, I stapled the fabric around the bottom of the ottoman. I can't really explain how I did the corners, only that it was a lot of intricate folding to get the seams right. There's no way to take the legs off the ottoman so I had to fold and tuck to get the corners looking presentable.
Anyway, we've been living with the ottoman-turned-coffee-table for a couple weeks now and are really happy with it. It's easy to move out of the way since it's on casters. It also is a nice place to prop your feet up. The only thing we miss is having a hard surface to put drinks down but the tray in the middle seems to suffice.  

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