Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hayden loves to help "unload" and "load" the dishwasher. Whenever it's open, he toddles over and grabs some silverware and walks off with it. He also like to load things into the dishwasher: receipts, toys, straws, alphabet magnets... We always have to do a quick check before we actually run it. 
He also really likes to help feed Henry and Lucy. We keep both their dishes in the downstairs bathroom so that their food and water can be protected from curious toddlers. He knows that we keep Henry's food under the sink in the bathroom and he goes in there wherever he can to pull out the container, grab Lucy's bowl and say, "snack?"  The animals are usually sorely disappointed when they can't eat on Hayden's schedule!
To make leaving the park a little easier and less tearful, we always say, "Bye-bye, park", "Bye-bye, slide" etc.  One day recently, I forgot to wave goodbye to the park and we were walking back to the parking lot together. He let go of my hand turned around and said "bye" and blew the park a kiss. 
In Target the other day, Hayden dropped a raisin on the floor. I said, "oh no!" and picked it up. He kept repeated "oh no!" until it turned into "no oh! no oh!".
He's becoming quite generous with his food. He often pulls something off his plate and offers it to Nick or me saying, "me? me?" He usually wants it back afterwards though ;) 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

busy busy busy weekend!

Ay yi yi! It was a busy weekend around here! We were starting and finishing projects left and right. I feel like I need another weekend to recover from this one. We might have rain in the forecast for next weekend so that will slow us down a bit. Anyway, I'm so excited because it's been kind of quiet on the home design front for a bit around here and all of a sudden things are happening again! I love it! Later, I want to write in more detail about each of the things we knocked out this weekend but for now, I'll give you a little peek at what we've been up to so far...
1. A new old coffee table. I re-reupholstered our ottoman turned coffee table and I love how it turned out. I had no idea how intense the tufting would be (my poor poor fingers!) but I love it.  
2. A new bed!! After our King bed arrived 6 months ago, we planned to DIY a new headboard... With lots of help from Nick's dad, we started and almost finished it this weekend. We need to fix the nailhead on one side and more to the other side, but already it's such a huge change.
3. No more countertops! Nick, Chris, my Dad, and Jason demolished our old tile countertops in a couple of hours this weekend in preparation for the new ones to come in. The company is coming to measure everything this Wednesday so we needed it done before then. We currently have no sink, no countertops, and a nonworking dishwasher... Take out, anyone?! Also, we emptied out all the lower cabinets so everything is living in the garage for now (except for our silverware). I bought compostable paper plates and bowls to minimize the washing in a tiny bathroom sink. We are praying for a smooth few weeks while we anxiously await our new kitchen!  
(all our kitchen supplies... in the garage) 

Monday, February 17, 2014

another kitchen update on the horizon!

Our kitchen has been a work in progress on and off since we moved in almost 2 years ago. We've been taking it slow, mostly because we prefer to pay cash for everything and make sure we are making the right decision before we jump in to a big purchase. The latest of those big purchases is new countertops!! 
I've been dreaming about these for so so long. I spend so much time each day in the kitchen preparing meals, cleaning up and repeating and have lived with the original not-so-nice tile countertops. Some of them are cracked and chipped and the grout is coming out in places. It's not exactly what I picture for my dream kitchen.
For countertops, I LOVE the look of Carrera Marble but knew without a doubt that we would not be going that direction in this kitchen, for several reasons. The most obvious one is the cost of marble. However, the other equally discouraging reason was that marble can be a very high maintenance material. In our kitchen, red wine spills, the bottle warmer leaks, there are water spots on the counter and sometimes hot things get set down accidentally. We needed a material that was low maintenance and basically indestructible and also not super expensive. Luckily, with a small kitchen, we don't have too much countertop surface so we could afford to use a little nicer material and not break the bank. 
Anyway, we ended up purchasing the quartz product, Silestone, in the color Lyra. It mimics the look of Carrera somewhat and is a nice neutral color. 
The installers should come out in the next two weeks to template the kitchen and then build the countertops for our space. I can't even tell you how excited I am to have these new countertops! 
Our other plans for finishing up this kitchen include a white subway tile backsplash (predictable perhaps, but you can't help what you love!) and a new faucet for our sink.  Ahh! So excited! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Feeling Heartsy

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! I love love love this holiday- even though I can fully acknowledge the silliness and cheesiness of it all. It's still one of my favs. I wanted to share our Valentine's Day decorations and fun festivities. 
For our Valentine’s Day breakfast, I made homemade (heart-shaped) poptarts for my boys and gave them each some something small. Hayden got a Llama, Llama book, some socks, and a little bathtub fishing toy from the Target Dollar Spot. Nick got lots of chocolate bars. 
My decorations were pretty simple this year. I cut out some hearts from gold wrapping paper and taped them to our dining room window. (Excuse our trashy backyard...) 
Our mantle:
I’m hosting our playgroup today and I wanted it to be a little fun and festive so I decorated while Hayden was napping. I know it’s over-the-top but I just really love an excuse to bring out my favorite color- pink! (The beautiful bouquet of Hydrangeas were a sweet Valentine's Day delivery, courtesy of Nicholas.)
Tonight, Nick is cooking me dinner, I'm making dessert (Blackberry bread pudding) and we're opening a nice bottle of wine. Nothing fancy, but the perfect at-home date night! Hope you have a very lovely V-day! 
(And kisses from my littlest Valentine, Hayden) 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

18 months with Mr. H

Last Monday was Hayden's 18 month birthday. A year and a half feels kind of momentous so I thought I'd share some updates about our sweet little guy! He is a full blown toddler and it's so fun to be his momma at this age. 
Eating: Like I mentioned, Hayden has gotten a little more picky in the last month or so. He still eats a pretty varied diet, but he lets his preferences be known. He is in the 5th percentile but is growing at his own pace!
Talking: This kid is a chatterbox. He carries on conversations with us and loves to play call us on any object that he can pretend to be a phone. He practices new words all the time, and it seems like he's saying new things everyday. The latest ones this week are: jacket, Daddy (instead of dada), gotcha, slide,  help me, open and shut, clothes, and sky (since we were on a plane with him). He used to only say "yeah" (yes), but he started saying "noooo" this month.  His no is very polite and not defiant (yet) and more just an answer to a question. He answers yes and no questions pretty appropriately these days.
Playing: He love, love, loves the park and we can easily spend 2+ hours there in one day (thank goodness for mild CA winters!). He also loves to play with building blocks, puzzles, and his car. He loves reading books too, both independently and with Momma. (Daddy is for playtime so they don't get as much reading done ;) 
Sleeping: His sleep was a little iffy after New Year's but he's gotten back on his normal schedule in the last couple weeks. He usually goes to sleep at 7pm and sleeps until 7am. He takes one nap a day for about 2-3 hours. He always sleeps with his owl lovey, his blanket, and his paci. 
Temperament: Mr. Easy-Going continues his trend. He loves to blow kisses, give hugs, and play with his friends. Hayden is so silly and loves to laugh, be tickled and make his Momma and Daddy laugh. He's the sweetest! He is usually really happy, though like all of us, he has his moments! We are starting to see some tantrums but they are really mild so far....  

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