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Hello! I'm Jessica, a 30-something California girl who recently relocated to New Jersey. I'm married to Nicholas and we have two kids- Hayden and Charlotte.   I love love love my life and feel so blessed  to be living it every single day.  I met Nicholas 12 years ago in Hawaii and married him in 2007. My husband takes good care of our little family and is *pretty much* always game for whatever adventure I have cooked up ;) We live in a beautiful part of the county and have the sweetest kids. I'm so lucky to get to stay home with them each day.  I'm  a work-at-home momma balancing the fine art of sippy cups, laundry, and ed-tech design work.
Things I love: my family, decorating, especially for holidays, my sweet babes, the color pink (closely followed by gold), pretty things, pancakes, traveling, teaching, reading, running, iced coffee and red wine, big sunglasses and even bigger purses, Anthropologie, thrift stores and flea markets, the beach, instagram, pink peonies, pumpkin spice candles, sour candy, art, Parenthood, Christmas music, dressing my babies, and Fall.  This blog is where I chat about my kids, our home, and everything I love. 
Interested in collaborating?  

 I love working with companies and blogs to bring about new business. If you are interested in advertising, becoming a sponsor, hosting a giveaway or collaborating contact me for more info!
E-mail: jessica@reisfelt.com  


  1. Your family is beautiful, and I absolutely adore your son's name! xoxo

  2. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! I really enjoy reading your 5 on Fridays!


  3. Um, your love list? I could just repeat it all and it would explain me, too!! Seriously. Anthropologie, pink peonies, traveling, iced coffee????Except that I was plucked out of the Bay Area and plopped down in the South, ha! And, I prefer french toast over pancakes ;)

    1. So funny Amanda- I lived in the South for 8 years because of a job transfer for my dad- but I'm a California girl at heart and made my way back here :) What part of the south do you live in? Also French Toast is a very close second for me ;)


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