Friday, November 17, 2017

Five on Friday

I can't believe it's already less than a week until Thanksgiving. This entire year feels like it's gone crazy fast and I can't believe the holiday season is upon us.

Last night, I somehow got caught up in rereading the blog circa 2011 and it made me super nostalgic for those days. Nick and I were in our twenties, living in our beloved Oakland apartment and finding home projects to do each weekend. A few flashbacks for your viewing pleasure:

DIY Snow Globes
Pregnancy Announcement

Fall Decorating
I moved my desk around in our office/guest room since I was tired of trying to hide the bed in the background during work-related video calls. I actually love the way it looks and I feel like it made me excited this week to get down to my little space for work each morning. I want to finish off this little corner some more but here's a little peak.

Husband shout out: Our main TV in our sunroom broke a month or so ago. We got it as a wedding present so it's nearly 10 years old and we started looking at new TVs and we were shocked at the prices. I told Nick we could just get by with one TV for awhile (we have another one that someone gave us about 6 years ago also probably close to 10 years old). He promptly took apart the TV, ordered some parts online and fixed it. The following week, our other TV went out (ha!). He did the same thing and now they are both working and he said with these new parts, they might last another 10 years. So we'll be the people with the oldest TVs when our kids are in high school. Seriously, I'm so impressed that Nick just knows how to do these things and I thank God I married such a handy guy!

Kids update: Since my blogging has been sporadic at best, I feel like it's been forever since I've shared an update of the kids. At 5 and almost 3, I think we've reached the age where they love each other's company so much. They are always playing a make-believe game (mostly involving lots of meowing and giggling). They both have quiet time and this last week, I've heard them not-so-sneakily open their doors and try to play together instead of resting alone. I love witnessing their little friendship.

Speaking of the kids, we've been getting Audiobook CDs from the library the past month and we've been on a Beverley Cleary kick, and listening to the Ramona books one by one. Anyone else read these as a child? I loved them growing up and the kids do too now. It's been a nice departure to listen to the books rather than Frozen/Trolls/Moana soundtrack on repeat as we drive around. 

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