Monday, November 20, 2017

Entryway Console Decorating

Since I launched my second website a few months ago, I've had some more requests for simple decorating tips and I thought I'd try to start sharing some of my own tips. I'm definitely not a professional or someone who has studied design extensively, but I love home decor and I feel like my house usually looks pretty pulled together, so I thought it would be fun to give you some insight into my decor tips.

First I will say that I am all about using what you have and not spending a bunch of money on home decor. A lot of my items are things we've had forever, repurposed or bought from Target, etc.

Decorating a tabletop or console table can be a little intimidating because the pieces are usually long, multi-functional and the first thing people may see when walking into your home. My favorite thing to hang above a long table is a round mirror. Most entry tables are rectangular, so a round mirror softens the space and provides some contrast to the angles. Another plus to the round mirror compared to art is that it gives you a neutral backdrop to whatever goes on the table - perfect if you're more of seasonal decorator or like to change things out often.

Next, if room allows for it, matching lamps on either end are my fav. I got these substantial ones from Target a couple years ago and I love the blue with the slight design and the heft of these guys. I am always walking past them on my way down to my office and every time I see them, I'm happy.

In the middle, I always have one larger item like a vase or plant. This gold vase with some branches adds visual interest and a little fall flavor to the room.

A stack of three to five the same color books looks clean and classic. I always have little items that I can add to a stack of books to give it an intentional look. This little bear was a candle holder from Anthropologie years ago and I love that he's a fun, whimsical piece.

On the other side, I have a small tray with a bowl, plant, and candle. Anything on a tray looks instantly more put-together. If you have a tray for your mail or keys, it looks a lot cleaner than just stacking straight on the table.

So to recap, my tips are:

  1. Use a round mirror to add visual contrast to a rectangular table and a neutral background
  2. Two matching lamps are great if you have the length on the table. One lamp also works in a smaller space.
  3. Flowers, branches, or a plant can be switched out seasonally and make the table look fresh.
  4. Trays and bowls are great for making your mail, keys, phone drop zone a little cleaner. 

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