Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Taking Care of Number One

Let's be honest, you (and I) probably don't consider yourself number one if you are also a momma of young kids. Moms are consistently putting their kids, husband, household, jobs, and any number of things ahead of self-care. It can leave you feeling, well, depleted. Most of the time, I'm only too happy to devote myself to the kids and our family, but every once in awhile, I feel myself getting extra grumpy and the build up of not taking care of myself makes takes its toll. In order to avoid that build-up, I've found that doing something for yourself can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few things that are easy to fit into my life:

  1. Exercise: Not everyone's cup of tea but I've found that going to the gym and getting a kid-free hour when I'm working out is so good for my soul. Nick can't imagine anything less fun, but it is something that makes me happy. Our gym (the Y) has free childcare and tons of classes so it's easy to make it most days. My kids are friendly with all the daycare workers and it's part of our routine. If I ever feel guilty about it, I remind myself it's just an hour of the day, and it's good for me. 
  2. A Sunday night ritual: I don't do this every Sunday, but when I do this, I feel like I'm starting my week off on the right foot. I usually plug my phone in for the night (downstairs) early- like right after the kids go to bed. Then Nick and I make the bed with fresh sheets, I have a cup of tea and do a face mask and read for a little while. Going to bed early on a Sunday helps me feel rested when the rest of the week is crazy!
  3. Treat yo'self: Whether it's doing a little online shopping (nothing crazy!), getting a manicure, or getting your favorite dessert, do something that makes you happy. It doesn't have to be anything major, but sometimes a little something for yourself can be a big mood booster. 
  4. Get outside: This isn't really just for you (my kids are always happier when we are outside) but it can be another great mood booster. If it's not too hot, strap the kids in the stroller, go for a walk and put on your favorite non-kid music or a podcast. Give your kids lots of snacks so they're content during the walk ;) 
  5. Meditate: This is always one that I wish I did more of and am always happy when I do. I have this meditation app on my phone that I love. It has a variety of meditations (some dedicated to moms) that are applicable to various situations (like resetting your mood, starting the day on a positive note, focusing, etc) and most are pretty short. 
  6. Get away: This is one that is the hardest to accomplish but can be so worth it. We try to get away on a date night a couple nights a month and spending time with my husband is always the best. We recently went on our first kid-free vacation and it was seriously the best. We missed the kids but we both agreed that we haven't felt that relaxed in at least 5 years. 

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