Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A little story about the kindness of strangers

free wine and a (finally!) sleeping baby

Our flight out to California last month went so well (thank goodness since I was flying without Nick). Our flight back to New Jersey was the exact opposite. Charlotte was a grump from the get-go and she started screaming an hour into the flight for at least an hour straight. She was so tired that every time she stopped crying (for a minute) her eyes would close. I kept trying to lay her down on my lap so that she would stay asleep and after the fifth try, I was finally successful. The flight attendants on the plane were AMAZING (on Virgin Airlines, by the way). They brought us a (complimentary) big bottle of wine and offered any help. Charlotte wouldn't even let Nick hold her, let alone a stranger, but it was still so kind of them to offer.

When I was walking around with Charlotte, one of the flight attendants told me that she thought I was doing a great job and was a great mother and not to worry about what anyone else said. It was such a sweet encouragement when I was feeling at the end of my rope trying to calm Charlotte down (especially after a few passengers made less-than-kind-comments).

I know that being seated by a screaming child is no one's ideal on a cross-country flight but I also know that sometimes there's no way to control the tears. She wasn't in pain and nothing we were trying to calm her would work. I tried so hard to stay calm because I knew my own agitation would feed into Charlotte's.

I'm glad our next flight with Charlotte won't be for a few more months and so grateful for kind people in this world!

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