Thursday, March 16, 2017

Packing Kids for a Long Trip

Since moving across the country from our family, we've had a lot of experience for packing for long trips. Our visits to CA are always at least 2 weeks so packing (without overpacking!) is something that we've refined over the last year and a half. Here are my tips for packing (semi) lightly...

Make a list. I am a little type A so I like to make a printed list that I can check off and detail each item. I make a list for myself and one for my kids. Sorry Nick, you're on your own!

I usually only pack 6 -7 outfits for the each kid, and 4 pairs of pajamas.  The kids can wear each outfit more than once and I also don't end up packing every single one of Charlotte's cute outfits. I also like to pack things that can mix and match easily. We have access to a washer and dryer since we stay at my parents. If you're going to a hotel, it might be worth it if to check if they have laundry services available. Anyway, I pack each complete outfit in a separate gallon ziplock bag. I include pants, socks, underwear, and a shirt for each outfit (and a bow for Charlotte). Both of the kids' outfits used to fit in one bag, but they've gotten bigger and that doesn't quite work anymore.

I include 1 -2 outwear items that can go with multiple outfits and try and limit it to 2 pairs of shoes per kid (including the one they are wearing. For example, this trip, they are both wearing tennis shoes on the plane and I am packing their rainboots since it's been pretty rainy lately in CA. In the summer, I would pack their sandals instead.

I also pack all their toiletries in one bag as well.

Each kid has their own backpack(we love the SkipHop Backpacks so much!) with a few books/toys and Hayden will carry the iPad. I always pack lots of plane snacks and a water cup in their backpacks. We always buy a giant bottle of water and divvy it up into everyone's cups once we get through security. We use these containers for packing snacks so they don't get crushed.

I also always buy diapers when I get there so I don't have to waste valuable suitcase space with those. This time, I did an Honest Company order and sent it ahead so we will have diapers on hand when we get there.

Favorite Skip Hop Backpacks:

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