Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Friday/ Happy March!

The spring weather has been making its appearance here and there and even though we're heading into a cold weekend, I'm feeling hopeful that we're shaking off the last vestiges of winter in these next couple weeks.

Two my-kids-are-so-funny-stories: This week I took both kids to an Ash Wednesday prayer service and Charlotte very vocally and dramatically refused the ashes.... twice.... The woman offered a feeble "God Bless!" as we hurried back to our seats. Also, we had the cable guys here yesterday and I took the kids to the gym while Nick stayed here and as we were walking out the door, Hayden turns and says, "Dad, you better keep an eye on these guys!"

Our trip to California is just a week and a half away(!!!!!). I am so looking forward to spending time with our family and being back home again.

Everyone with little girls, do you always check out the Cat & Jack endcap at Target? They have been killing it with their selection of fun (and warm) tights. Charlotte has the fox, bunny, and rainbow pair below and they are so adorable. She prefers to only wear tutus whenever possible so these tights are a fun way to keep her legs warm.

Our basement stairs are very steep and painted brick red and we've been wanting to repaint and also add a full-length runner. The kid's playroom is at the bottom of the stairs and I'm always nervous about Hayden navigating the stairs alone. I always carry Charlotte down. Anyway, anything that can make them safer and more visually appealing is a win-win in my book. So, this weekend's project might be coming from this inspiration picture:

That's all I've got! Hope you have a great weekend! 
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  1. Ha little kids are so funny! Although I don't have little girls, I've seen those tights and totally agree #targetdoesitagain and your inspiration is gorgeous! Hope it turns out!


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