Monday, March 13, 2017

Basement Stair Redo

So we've lived with some pretty ugly basement stairs for over a year now... They were painted brick red, though the paint was chipped in places. They had black rubber covers nailed down to each stair. Many were feeling loose so it not only looked unspectacular, it was also not the safest. Our playroom and laundry room are at the bottom of these stairs and there is also an entrance to our garage down there. It's safe to say, we use these stairs a lot. Given their steepness, I always carry Charlotte up and down because I'm worried about fall.

Anyway, we decided a little stair makeover was long overdue. After pinning lots of painted stair options, we decided to paint the stairs black and get a natural looking runner for the stairs. These are definitely not the best-looking stairs, with chips and nicks in the wood. I would have gone with white but I was nervous about them getting scuffed and dirty too quickly.

Nick took off the rubber runners and sanded the stairs for me. I did all the painting and he installed the runner. We used 2 of these rugs on the stairs and he worked to make them look pretty seamless.

Overall it was a fairly quick update the after is 100% better than the before!

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