Friday, February 24, 2017


It's been a week of sunshine and warm (for New Jersey) temperatures! We've been taking full advantage of the break from the snow and cold and been park-hopping all week. It's amazing what sunshine does for the soul!

A few quick things...

This time of year, I get really into cleaning, organizing, and redecorating. I've been working on Hayden's room lately and I love this new rug we got from Wayfair. It's huge and soft and looks similar to a lot of pricier Dash & Albert rugs. I can't wait to show you his finished room ASAP. (Side note, is anyone else's kid OBSESSED with magnetic tiles like Hayden? We love these things so much!) 

A PSA for all those who are obsessed with Anthropologie's Capri Blue Volcano candle... This Citrus candle from Target is an almost identical scent and less than half the price of Anthro's (only $12.99!).

Do you listen to podcasts with your kids? I found a good one this week that curtailed the usual backseat bickering while we were stuck in traffic. Both kids listened very attentively and it was a nice change from the kid music I usually put on when all else fails!

We are in the throes of the terrible twos with Charlotte Mae. She is equal parts adorable and temperamental. I snapped this sweet picture after we had an especially hard morning this week. Seeing her sleeping so peacefully in her crib makes all those hard times melt away...

A $3 arrangement: I have always had a deep love for Trader Joe's flowers, but it seems that my favorites don't last very long at home. I saw a pretty arrangement on instagram last week and mimicked it using $3 of Eucalyptus and $3 of alstroemeria. I had enough to make two full bouquets and they are still holding up nicely 6 days later. Eucalyptus always reminds me of California so I love having it in the house. 

The Jord Watch $100 giveaway ends on Sunday so make sure you enter today! 

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