Monday, February 13, 2017

A Little Valentine's Bruch

On Saturday, we hosted a Valentine's brunch for friends and their kids. I've decided that brunch is the ideal meal for families with young kids. The kids have all eaten breakfast so they aren't starving. Generally, they are less cranky in the morning, and it rarely interferes with naptime or bedtime. Plus brunch food is usually pleasing to kids and adults alike.

Anyway, the kids and I decorated the dining room on Friday, hand stamping a little table runner and hanging up as many hearts as we could in the room.

I set up a little Valentine-making station with giant hearts and stickers so that kids could partake, or not. It was low-key and didn't require adult supervision.

Amazingly, all 7 kids sat and ate quietly for more than 5 minutes and it was a relaxed meal for everyone. We had french toast, hash brown casserole, blueberry muffins, quiche, and fruit. And mimosas... naturally. It was so fun and festive. Added bonus- our kids were worn out after playing all morning so the rest of the day was quiet.

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