Monday, January 23, 2017

surviving those kind of days

This weekend we didn't have any real plans but we housebound most of the time (except for a trip to a very chaotic Costco on Saturday evening) anyway with 1/2 of our family getting sick. Nick had a bad cold and poor Charlotte got a nasty stomach bug. Think lots of middle of the night changes of bedding and pajamas, showers and lots of rocking. Poor baby ended up sleeping in until 10:45 on Sunday and then laid in our arms until she went back down for her nap at 2 pm. We're hoping she shakes this one soon!

This is one of those weekends (or months?) where it feels like we're just in survival mode. Nothing is particularly bad, but we can't quite get it together. I feel like there's always someone sick here, the laundry is always piling up, and my house hasn't been really cleaned well in over a month. It seems like the kids are watching too much TV and having too many boxed mac-and-cheese dinners and I end up going to bed many nights thinking that I will do better tomorrow. I know from connecting with other moms that this feeling is totally normal and there are days you'll feel like supermom and days where the struggle is real (so so real). 

All this to say, January, you haven't been my favorite but I have high hopes for February - with a fresh month and just 6 weeks to a California vacation...

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