Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stepping Up Date Night

I've decided as one of my New Year's goals, to make date night happen more frequently this year. This year, we are aiming to get out at least once a month for a date. It can be hard to schedule with Nick's work travel, activities with the kids, and making sure we secure a babysitter in advance. Since becoming parents, our focus has primarily been on the kids.  I'm hoping to shift some of the priority back to our relationship and dating my husband seems like the perfect way to make that happen.
In many cases, when we do go out on a date, we are both a little worn out and opt for a low-key evening. However,  in the interest of stepping up our dating game, I've decided to focus on some fresh ideas to make each date seem a little more special. Here are a few ideas that I came up with to make date night memorable: 
  1. Dress up: Being a work-at-home-mom, Nick tends to see me mostly in my pajamas, leggings, or work-out clothes. Taking a little extra effort to dress up and feel pretty is a confidence booster for me and I like to think my husband appreciates it as well ;)  
  2. Try a new restaurant: Instead of the same old standby, pick a new-to-both-of-you restaurant, maybe with some creative cocktails or a cuisine you don't eat often. 
  3. Take or rent a different car: Nick has a vintage car that he babies the heck out of. It lives in our garage 99% of the time but we've taken it out for dates before. It changes up the ordinary mom-mobile or his commuter car and makes the date feel a little more out of the ordinary. If you don't have that option, there are fun ways to rent a fancy car like using the service Turo, to enhance your date night. 
  4. Surprise each other with a little something extra. Maybe a sweet card, maybe flowers, or a little gift. A little token of appreciation can make the other person feel loved. 
  5. Pre-dinner drinks: Making a special cocktail at home or going to a separate place for drinks first can make the date more fun! 
I'd love to hear what your married-dating tip are as well! 

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