Monday, January 9, 2017

Modern Conveniences

As busy parents, I've become more reliant on services that make our life a little easier and give us more time to focus on the kids. I've listed 5 digital apps that I use ALL THE TIME.  (Spoiler alert, two are Amazon). I would love to hear what else you use to make life a little easier.

Amazon Fresh: A grocery delivery service is such a time-saver. I love that I can order everything online and have it delivered as soon as the same day. It's been so convenient to pick up the groceries off the front step, rather than shlepping my kids to Trader Joe's where someone invariably has a melt-down!

Amazon Prime: Also a huge lifesaver... They notified me that I saved over 40 trips to the store last year (yikes!) but seriously, we've cut way down on our Target trips (good for the wallet!) and we use Subscribe and Save every month. We get toilet paper, face wash, wipes, detergent, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and so much more through Amazon. It's so easy to change your delivery date if you need your regular items sooner and the shipping is always so fast! Well worth the membership for our family!

Digital Library Books: So late to the bandwagon on this but I am really enjoying that I can download books from the library and read them on my iPad for free! It helps me keep up my reading goal without spending a ton of money on books! I'm sure that most libraries in the country have them so it's definitely worth it to check if you are a big reader.

Apple Music: A subscription that is 100% worth it. It's like Spotify and Pandora in one. I can create playlists and add music instantly and play all of them on my phone, computer, or iPad. We have so many different playlists, including lots of music for the kids. We play music all day long at home or in the car, so it's definitely worth it!

Starbucks App: We mostly make and drink coffee at home. With limited choices (as compared to cA) when we do get coffee out, it's usually from Starbucks. We both have the app on our phone and it's so easy to order it and have it ready for pick up so no waiting in line with squirmy toddlers that are asking for everything in the display case!

Reminders: This app is already installed on iPhones and Nick and I have shared lists for to-do items and one for each store we need to visit (like a Costco list, a Target list, etc.). We can add to it easily and it checks off the item (on everyone's device) when it's complete. We use it all the time!

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