Friday, January 6, 2017


Friday is here! Even after a holiday week, it's felt pretty long. Hayden got sick his first day back at school so we've been home and inside for the better part of the week!

Today is Charlotte's birthday! I can't believe she's 2. We are celebrating with a trip to an indoor playground and her favorite lunch- Chipotle! Tomorrow we are having our close family friends over for a small lunch party and some cake.

We got Charlotte this dollhouse from Amazon (last July on Prime Day for half price- I've been waiting not-so-patiently to give it to her!)

It snowed last night! It sounds like a lot of people all over the country got snow too. I know my kids will be excited to see it when they wake up- even if it's just an inch.

Date Night Swap: My friend (and neighbor) are trying something new. We're going to swap babysitting services one night a month. The one mom will go over to the other's house after everyone's kids are asleep so the other couple can go out. Tonight it's our turn to go out after the kids are down and I'm excited for a free date out with Nick.

PSA: We are trying to make our playroom space a little bigger and more organized and found that IKEA is having a big sale. We got 2 small shelves down there for $20 each. They were out of stock in store, but we were able to order online. We have 2 larger shelving units down there as well and these shelves are so sturdy and perfect for storing toys.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Date night babysitting swap sounds like a fantastic way to save $$ and time! Great idea! Enjoy the date!


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