Monday, December 19, 2016

snow day!

We woke up Saturday morning to a few inches of snow. I always think it's so beautiful when the yard and roads have a fresh blanket of snow.  Everything is so quiet and clean and peaceful looking. Since it was a weekend, the snowplows didn't come by till afternoon. Charlotte was ready to bundle up and head outside right away with Daddy. Poor Hayden woke up with a stomach bug and spent the morning on the couch but he felt better after noon and went out too. Our driveway wraps around the back of the house and has a little incline on one side. The kids had a ball sledding down the little hill. Hayden was old enough to go by himself and Charlotte got pulled along by Nick. Both kids were thrill seekers and loved going down fast.

After a good hour outside, both kids were worn out and went down for naps and while our snow clothes tumbled in the dryer for round two, I wrapped the rest of our Christmas gifts and watched It's a Wonderful Life. It's one of my favorites and I watch it every year either while wrapping presents or writing out my Christmas cards. It was such a fun December day!

I think it's safe to say my kids (and husband) are big fans of the snow! 

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