Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday, Friyay

Hayden finished up school for the year on Wednesday and our schedule is suddenly wide open. We have a few playdates scheduled next week but other than that, we plan to lay low and enjoy the week before Christmas. I'm done shopping and hoping not to set foot into another store until after Christmas!
their faces crack me up...

This week we made gingerbread play dough for Hayden's friends and used this cute packaging idea from Imagination Tree. Homemade play dough is so quick and easy and this batch smelled great with all the spices mixed in.

On Monday, Hayden's school went Christmas caroling at a rest home and it was the cutest thing. Hayden knew the songs but as soon as they started singing, he just stood there with his mouth open, not singing a word.

Poor Charlotte Mae has an ear infection and has been under the weather off and on for the last couple weeks. Hoping with this round of medicine she'll be 100% (or as Hayden says 100 perzent) before the holidays. It took me 3 hours (!!) to get her to sleep last night.. Hoping she feels better today!

Listening to: Leslie Odem Jr. Simply Christmas on repeat... All the heart eyes for that voice!

The weather here has been getting progressively colder (20 is the high today!) and all I want to do is wear slippers and sweats 24/7. I love everything below:

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