Wednesday, December 28, 2016

christmas recap

Our first Christmas alone was a success! On Christmas Eve, we did a little baking during the day and then went to church. Hayden was a sheep in the Nativity story. It was really sweet, even though we lost him in the sea of white cotton-ball costumes during the performance. Meanwhile, Charlotte enjoyed removing every single book and trying to stack them as high as possible in our pew. Luckily, it was a kid-friendly and she wasn't the only noisy toddler! We went home and had a special dinner with the kids. After putting out cookies and milk for Santa and reading The Night Before Christmas, they went to bed quickly, knowing Santa wouldn't come until they were asleep.

On Christmas morning, we spent the whole day at home, playing with the kids new toys and relaxing. We were a little sad not to be in California with our families, but it was also a really nice way to spend the holiday with just each other and the kids.

In order to not overwhelm the kids (and our budget!) we stick to a 3 - 4 present guideline for the kids. Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.  With all the presents from extended family, they received so many fun items. Santa left Charlotte a doll high chair with a Cabbage Patch doll, that she LOVED. She's been feeding her many bottles, and all kinds of play food. She also got an adorable doll stroller from my parents and she's been zooming around the house like a boss with her doll and favorite stuffed animals. Her other favorite present was probably her backpack. She's been wearing it nonstop.

Santa brought Hayden Play Mag Magnetic Tiles which Hayden loved playing with at school. Charlotte has also enjoyed building with them. This age and the toys he's interested in are so fun!

Nick gave me an easel and painting supplies which was so sweet. I used to paint a lot in college and a little before we had kids, but haven't done too much of it recently. I miss painting and it was such a thoughtful, unexpected gift.

Christmas is definitely not all about the presents. It always brings about a renewed hope, faith, and a fierce love for family. Our hearts were sad all day, missing my father-in-law... however there was such a strong feeling of love and family all day long that reminded us that life is good, even when it's hard.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! 

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