Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our Finished Guest Room

We started our guest room makeover in early September, knowing that with a slew of guests visiting us this fall, we wanted a pretty, relaxing space, rather than a thrown-together room for all who visited. Our expenditures were pretty minimal but the transformation is huge. I wish I had some better before pictures, but this from when we toured the house will have to do. The room was painted sage green. We had a bed, a great mattress, a dresser with a TV leaning on the wall, and some nightstands and lamps.

Our first step was to pain everything white. This room is 7 steps down from our main floor so it's not quite the basement and not quite the first floor. It gets lovely light from the three windows but felt dark with the green paint. The white paint brightened up the whole room and made it feel clean and spacious.

Next, Nick added a railing to the stairs. There aren't many of them, but we aren't quite sure how the house passed inspection without a railing since it drops off and there's a floor heater that someone could fall on, should they step off the stairs. He bought the pieces from Home Depot and made the railing himself. It's perfect!

I rearranged the furniture, and added a couple of art pieces, and lots of plants. I love the look of green plants next to a crisp white wall.

Nick mounted our dangerously leaning TV and hid all the cords. It makes the bed a nice spot to watch movies with the kids when we don't have guests.

We wanted this room to be functional when not being a guest room, so we added a desk. I have to tell you, I've been working from home for 3 and a half years and have primarily worked on my bed or the couch all that time. It's so so nice to have a dedicated office space that's quiet, away from the other things in the house I need to take care of (dirty dishes, laundry, etc.) and working without leaning over my laptop is such a game changer for my back! The desk is from Crate and Barrel and surprisingly affordable.

I made the art myself, using an old wooden board and a lot of my kids paints (classy!). We wanted something big with some color on this wall so that the white room didn't feel sterile. A few more detail shots....

 We're so happy with a clean, bright space for work and guests! 

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