Tuesday, October 18, 2016

taking stock

Making:  Decisions on Halloween costumes...
Cooking: homemade bread... we made it 3 times last week
Drinking: coffee and wine. Standard mom fuel. (don't worry not together and not at unacceptable times of the day) 
Reading: Hawaii by James Michener and loving it. I love a good 1000 page epic novel (seriously)
Wanting: A solo vacation with Nick... someday...  
Looking: at Pinterest for all the fun fall-themed activities  
Playing: with fall leaves. Hayden collects them at all time and is always trying to take them in the house, car, etc.  
Wasting: time thinking about home decor... (always!)
Wishing: for no more sniffles, coughs, or late night sick calls from the babies 
Enjoying: Quiet mornings to work while everyone else is asleep 
Waiting:  for three separate visits from the west coast contingency in the next month. 
Listening:  to the new Head and the Heart Album on repeat
Loving: Snuggling in bed with a pile of books and my babies 
Hoping: this fall weather sticks around for an unseasonably long time
Marveling: at this beautiful season and the trees that seem to transform overnight 
Needing: all the coffee, especially everyday at 2 pm  
Smelling: a pumpkin and spice candle. It's the coziest scent and makes me want to cuddle up with all the blankets and babies. 
Wearing: flannel... tis the season  
Following: lots of inspiring mommas on instagram. I love seeing how each person approaches motherhood in their own way and love that we have the ability to share activities and advice with each other in this medium. 
Noticing: new words Charlotte is learning daily and how she seems less and less like a baby each day 
Knowing:  Hayden is happy and well adjusted at preschool. Love this happy boy and his friendly little self. 
Thinking:  about painting our dining room... all white probably. 
Bookmarking: Christmas gifts for everyone (trying to get my shopping done thoughtfully and early)  
Watching: Breaking Bad. It took me a while to want to watch it but now I'm hooked.  
Organizing: All the closets, all 8 of them are done as of Sunday afternoon! Now I know my husband would like me to move onto the attic that we don't speak of but... no heat, so no dice. 
Giggling: at the way Charlotte puts a B in front of most words (think Fish with a B or Witch with a B...)  
Feeling: peaceful 

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