Monday, October 10, 2016

Sunroom Updates

I last shared our sunroom just over a year ago and it was looking a little sparse. It's still our favorite room in the house and we spend the majority of our time at home in the kitchen/sunroom area. We've added a few side tables, our old dining chairs, and changed out the art. The result is a happy room that feels much more finished these days. Do we still have plans? Yes! I don't feel like our TV table really matches, but it's low on the priority list to switch out because we have other things we'd like to spend money on!

Our other major change is paint. We want to look into getting certain rooms in the house painted. Some of it we can do ourselves but this room has lots of intricate moulding so it feels like a job to leave to the pros.

The light pours into this room in the morning and it feels so cozy and lovely. We definitely don't take this room for granted and are happy to have such a happy place to gather as a family!
If you're interested in any of the pieces in our sunroom, I linked similar (or the same) pieces in the picture below- just click on it to see more! 

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