Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hayden at 4 years

I can't believe I have a 4 year old. He's such a sweet, easy child and I love this friendship that we have. He is very social and friendly and is always chatting up someone at the park. 
He has an active imagination and is often in character (a dog, cat, Simba, Gaston, Eric, a wizard, a superhero, an owl, etc.) He doesn't nap very often anymore and now has quiet time each afternoon in his room. I love to see what he comes up with in that time spent alone. Sometimes he builds a lego invention, sometimes he sets up an elaborate play world for one of his characters. He calls his inventions "conditions" and loves to share them with us.
He loves to help out and has recently started making lunch (with supervision!) for himself and Charlotte.  He helps with other little chores around the house but hates picking up his own toys. 
 He is now in school three days a week and seems so grown-up. He loves school and made the transition very easily. He also goes to a Sunday School Montessori class each week, which has been another fun thing to look forward to. With school, play dates, and Sunday school, he has a full schedule! We decided to opt out of any sports or other extracurriculars this fall, instead of overloading him. 
Hayden loves learning and seems especially interested in math and numbers! He loves playing the app I work on (Todo Math) and count, recognize numbers, and do simple addition. He is also really into naming letter sounds and rhyming. It's so fun to have such an inquisitive child. I feel like I get my fix of "teacher activities" that I miss since leaving the classroom. We like to do a few little homeschool activities each week (nothing too amazing). 

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