Wednesday, October 12, 2016

cheap original art

Compared to our last house, this one has a lot more wall space- it's a bit bigger and less open concept, so we have more places to hang art. I've painted a fair amount of pictures for our house over the years, but to diversify a bit, I've started using Etsy as a source for art. There are so many talented artists and graphic designers out there. My favorite way to get a large, piece of art for a good price is to click on digital prints on Etsy. There are tons of these (typography, photography, abstract painting, watercolor, etc.) and they are usually $5 - $12 for the digital download. 

After downloading it, you can upload to Snapfish or Staples, or some other printer. (I like using Snapfish because they have promo codes all the time and the quality is good.) They have large print options where you can choose a size and have the item shipped to you or you can pick it up. 
Once it's printed, you can frame it yourself (Ikea has some well-priced poster frames)- and voila, art that looks a lot pricier than it actually is. 
Here are a few of my favorite large prints around the house:
Stay Awhile Print

Cactus Print 

CA Landscape Print

What are your favorite sources for art? Do you spend a lot or find affordable ways to fill your walls? 

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