Monday, September 26, 2016

Full Fall Mode

The weather here in New Jersey seems to have changed for good and I'm not mad about it. Though we had a good summer, I am ready for cozy layers, cooler temps, soups on repeat, lots of pumpkins and colorful leaves. nach season feels like a fresh start and I did a ton of cleaning and organizing in the weeks leading up to fall. My closet is finally organized, my summer clothes put away. Lots of other unseen spaces in our home got a makeover and the shift in weather has brought us new energy (and some unwelcome colds). 
Nick and I decorated the front porch with some mums and pumpkins with the promise of more pumpkins to follow. 
The kids and I have been collecting fall leaves on walks and around the yard and Hayden made a sweet little leaf collage with the first signs of fall. 
Nick's sweet grandma has been visiting us this past few days and it's been so nice to share our home and uninterrupted time with her. She's been along for trips to the park, a long walk, and apple picking with Nick and Hayden. (Charlotte and I were too sick to join the fun.)
This fall we are hosting 4 - 5 different sets of visitors and we're looking forward to having a full house throughout the season. Fall, I love you! 

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