Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday, Friyay

How is it that the short weeks always seem extra long?! Seriously, I kept having to check the days to make sure it really wasn't Friday yet... 

1. Paint it white. I talked Nick into painting our guest room white last weekend and I can't tell you how happy this change makes me. I love how bright the formally-sage-green room is now and it just feels so clean and peaceful. We have a slew of guests booked all the way through December so making this room pretty and functional was a priority. I can't wait to share more when it's all pulled together! 
2. Preschool... Hayden starts school on Monday and I'm so excited for him. Even though he's been before in CA, we took last year off while we transitioned to New Jersey. I know he's going to have the best time, even though it will be so different not having him around 3 days a week. His school is a co-op which means that I get to be in the classroom with him once or twice a month. I love that aspect of the school and the ability to be connected to him that way.
3. TV... We're late to the game (standard) but we are currently watching Bloodline and just finished Stranger Things. Netflix is definitely our favorite for shows (also, Orange is the New Black- so so good this season). 
4. Fall is coming... Last weekend it was in the low 70s all weekend and so so nice. Of course, now it's back up to 90 but there are leaves on the ground and I have hope that Fall is just around the corner.
5.  Cat & Jack... Have you seen this brand at Target?? Cutest little kid clothes and such fun Fall styles. I picked up a few things for Hayden this past week since he had a little growth spurt and everything is so reasonably priced. 

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