Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Charlotte at 1.5

Our feisty little one is growing up so fast. I can't believe that we are on our way to two years old already. Here's a little snapshot of our baby at this moment in time. 
Size: She's currently 20 lbs. and pretty petite for her age. She can still get away with 12 month clothing, though I've been buying everything bigger for the coming change in weather. She has been in a phase the last couple months where she barely eats anything at all at most meals. She's not picky in the sense that she only eats certain foods, but isn't super interested in eating in general. Her favorites consistently are apples ("bapples"), spaghetti, avocado toast, and yogurt. Oh, and her bottle with milk. If we let her, she would probably drink a gallon of milk a day, but we limit her. 
She started walking at 15 months and has been zooming around ever since. She loves to dance, run, and climb. She's always up on the highest part of the play structure at any park. 
She loves shoes and accessories and always wants to have multiple shoe and bow changes throughout the day, though I usually end up with 5 bows and a couple pairs of shoes in my purse by the end of the week. She loves getting into my make-up bag and after one too many destroyed compacts, I primed this make-up bag for her. She walks around the house with it slung over her arm and loves to give makeovers to anyone who is willing. 
Other things she loves: the color pink (girl picked out her own pink sparkly tennis shoes at the shoe store), dolls, Mickey (also known as Dickey), being outside, bath time, and  playing with her brother. They love to wrestle and tickle each other on our bed our the couch and it's a daily thing around here. 
She is a decent sleeper and consistently sleeps 11 - 12 hours at night without waking up, along with a 2-3 hour nap per day.  She's puts up a fight nearly every night when we put her down, but ends up going down without too much help from us.  
She's been talking a ton all of a sudden and tries to repeat all the words we are saying. She also sings the first couple lines of Twinkle Twinkle and it's adorable.
She's super sweet but definitely a bit reserved around new people. She warmed up to our family members this summer, but is still tearful when left with anyone but Momma (at least at first!). She blows kisses to everyone when we say good-bye and has the cutest little mischievous smile all the time.  I love this sweet one so much and love to see the little person she's growing into. 

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