Thursday, September 29, 2016

5 tips for a peaceful morning routine

Hayden started preschool this year and after having a year off from any real schedule, we are back to having to be somewhere almost every morning of the week. I know that everyone talks about the morning rush with kids and getting out the door on time, but as much as possible, I didn't want us to have to feel rushed and stressed in the mornings. It doesn't always happen, but I've strived for a peaceful morning routine that gets us all off on the right foot and out the door on time! Here are a few of my tips for making that happen: 
1. Wake up earlier than your kids: This is my number one tip! I usually wake up between 4:30 and 5 each day to work so I have a couple hours on my kids. I also try to have some coffee and get myself ready during this time, so it's one less person to focus on in the busiest part of the morning.
2. Get your kids dressed before leaving their rooms. As nice as it is to stay in their pajamas, we reserve that for the weekends now. It's so much easier to change them once (like when I'm changing Charlotte's diaper first thing in the morning or helping Hayden use the bathroom) than to try and herd them back upstairs and get them ready. We also brush teeth before coming downstairs because they tend to eat breakfast slowly and up until the last minute before we leave.
3. Play some peaceful music. I found this Jim Brickman Disney album  recently and it's a good mix of soothing music and fun songs that the kids recognize. When I play this in the car or on the speakers in the house, they really seem to tune in a mellow out. 
4. Pack anything you need the night before. Hayden doesn't need a lunch or backpack for school but I make sure to have anything I need for the next day ready to go, like a change of clothes if Charlotte and I are heading to the gym.
5. Make time for what your kids like to do in the mornings. Hayden loves breakfast and he likes to help make it, have several helping and really take his time with it. If we are quick with other things (getting dressed) there's still time in the morning for our usual breakfast routine.

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