Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tahoe 2016

We've been in California for the better part of the month, enjoying the weather (no humidity!) and family time. The first 2 weeks of our trip were spent in Tahoe with both Nick's family and my family. We had such a great, relaxing time- my kids are truly water babies and couldn't get enough of the lake and river. Charlotte's greatest joy this trip came from throwing rocks and sand into bodies of water. Hayden loves to "swim" and his puddle jumper has been our best friend this trip. The were only two major downsides of the trip. First, Nick had to leave us early to go back home to the pets and work. The second was that there was a crazy amount of aggressive yellow jackets in the entire Tahoe-Truckee area. I had a minor allergic reaction to a sting which made me swell like crazy. Oh, and Hayden decided that sleeping was overrated and my levels of sleep deprivation reviled the newborn days. Other than that, the weather was perfect, we loved having really great coffee and a fair amount of Mexican food (two things we have been sorely missing in New Jersey), and the kids had so much fun with all our relatives. The kids and I still have a week to go in the Bay Area and we have lots of visits planned with family and friends.
Nick and I keep saying we could make a lot of money opening up a good coffee shop back in NJ... 

Snacking with my babes + beer for momma  
the perks of camping without having to sleep in a tent 

they loved floating with Emmy 

Margaritas, chips, guac, and my favorite person

date night 

throwing rocks 

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