Friday, June 24, 2016

friday, friyay

This first official week of summer has been a welcome one- our pool finally opened for weekdays, we've been having popsicles, ice cream, or milkshakes daily, and Nick and I are steadily making our way through Mad Men (late to the game...). The kids and I have been spending as much time as possible outside: eating, drawing with chalk, swinging, and playing with water. 
ice cream cones on the front step
If you have a water table, I HIGHLY recommend this activity. Seriously, my kids were engaged for almost an hour. Our water table has lived outside in the elements and was dirty and gross, so I filled it with water and dish soap and gave them a sponge. They loved splashing in the soapy water, which eventually evolved into a car wash. And soap + water; definitely counts as a bath, right?!

Every 4 - 6 months, I do a big order from Old Navy/ Gap for my kids clothes. (Well Hayden has been longer than that because he's been in a 2T for over a year.) I just got all Charlotte's spring/summer clothes since she's growing a bit and we don't have many warm weather options for our girl. They have so many cute things out right now and I bought 12-18 month clothes so everything can be worn for awhile (who knows, maybe even next year!) Lots of floral prints. Old Nay/Gap have sales every single day online so I usually leave things in my bag and see when the best sale comes up (typically 40% off) and then hit purchase. Here are a couple of my favorites from our purchases:  

 If you need a quick and easy dinner recipe, I would definitely recommend this one. My kids loved it (so did I... I think Nick wanted to know where the meat was, ha). It was almost as easy as making a box of Annie's mac and cheese but healthier and included some greens!  

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