Wednesday, April 6, 2016

there will be days like these

Our wedding song was "Days Like This" by Van Morrison and I love how every time it comes on my music, I feel like it's speaking to that very moment in my life. I know our days will probably look wildly different as the kids continue to grow and change, so it's nice to freeze time on a typical day and have this little time capsule to look back on, even just a year from now.  This is not super exciting but I always like to see how other stay-at-home mommas spend their days. It's refreshing to see that beyond instagram, we are all just doing our thing and raising these little babes the best we can.  So here it goes, an ordinary day for us:
5:00 am: My alarm goes off and I head downstairs, stopping to feed both Henry and Lucy, and let Lucy outside for the morning. I drink a glass of warm lemon water each morning and try and wait until Nick gets up to make coffee. I usually light a candle and listen to some quiet music while I'm working. I sit at the same spot of the couch each day and as painful as it is to get out of bed some morning, it's always nice to have a couple uninterrupted quiet hours. My job is flexible and a lot of educational design work so it's all on the computer. I usually bill about 30 - 35 hours a week so every hour is precious. I also try to start or finish a load of laundry in these early morning hours. 
7:15 am: Charlotte usually wakes up and she chats in her crib for a few minutes before I go and I  give her a bottle in the dark in her room. She sometimes goes back down for another hour after this, but if not, I get her up, change her diaper, and we go start our day. We make the coffee for the day and make the bed upstairs. Nick is usually out the door between 7 and 7:30 for work. 
7:30 am: Both kids are up. Hayden has this clock, so he never comes out of his room before 7:30. Typically, Hayden has to be handled gently because he's grumpy when waking up. He always gets sad when he misses Nick in the morning. We slowly go through the potty, brushing teeth changing clothes. It's usually easier for both of us if I get him all the way ready first thing in the morning because he hates to change clothes so we do it all at once. Charlotte on the other hand, wakes up very cheerful. 
8:00 -8:30 am: We head downstairs for breakfast. Charlotte has 3 courses, always including fruit. Hayden usually decides the main breakfast of the day, so I typically will make eggs, avocado toast, pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt, or frozen waffles. Eggs are usually the top choice. While they are eating, I will usually unload the dishes from the night before, and try to do any tidying while they are both strapped into their chairs. 
9:00 am: I get dressed and fix my hair and make up in about 15 minutes while the kids play on the floor in our room  or our bathroom.
9:30 - 10:00 am: This is the time of day that is most varied each week. We usually leave the house by this time for whatever outing we have for the day. Since Charlotte dropped a nap, our mornings are much freer. The libraries in our area are really great and we usually go to a couple programs a week. We also have a play group that we attend every Thursday, some times a playdate and we always do our grocery shopping/errands on Mondays. If we don't have anywhere to go, we usually head to the playroom for some train/art time or outside if it's really nice.  
11:00 am: If we are home and the weather isn't too freezing, we'll go for a walk with Lucy. We have a little lake in our neighborhood that we walk around and we like to stop at the park for some playtime. Charlotte sometimes gets grumpy during this time so it's nice for her to zone out in the stroller or Ergo and have a cat nap. 
12:30 pm: We are back home and the kids are having lunch. I usually feed them turkey and cheese or mac and cheese, quesadillas, toast, or left overs from the night before. Charlotte is much less picky than Hayden so she'll eat a lot more than him. During this time, I try and prep dinner. I use our crockpot pretty often and lunch is a good 20 minute chunk of time to prep something.
1:00 pm: I turn on a short show for Hayden (Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse, or half a Sesame Street) and  give Charlotte her bottle for nap time. 
1:30 pm: Hayden and I read a couple stories in his room and then he's down for his nap. It's a little iffy if he'll nap these days, he seems to go through weeks of no naps and then a few weeks of napping every day. If he doesn't nap, he'll usually lay quietly and read books or play toys in his room. 
1:30 - 4:00 pm: This is my big chunk of work time. I try and be really productive and get as much done during these hours. I schedule any conference calls and online meetings at this time.  
4:00 pm: Both kids are up! I give them snacks and do the potty/diaper thing again and then we are out the door to the gym by 4:30.
5:00 pm: I try and go to the gym 3-4 nights a week. It's good for me to be in a routine and it's also a little break for all of us. The kids go to the daycare room, and I have an hour on the treadmill/elliptical or I sometimes do a spin, yoga, or pilates class. Those are harder to make because they typically go a little later in the evening. 
6:15 pm: Nick and I usually arrive back home around the same time in the evening. If I've prepped dinner before, it's usually ready to go within a few minutes of walking in the door.  We eat dinner together as a family most nights. 
6:45 pm: Bath time for the babies. They both love the bath and it's a quiet way to wind down for the evening.  Sometimes we both sit in there with them, other times one of us will clean up the dinner dishes while the other mans bath time. 
7:15 pm: Nick or I will give Charlotte her final bottle for the night and put her down. The other person will brush Hayden's teeth and get him ready for bed and then play toys in his room until bedtime. If he takes a nap, we usually let him stay up until 8 or 8:30 but if he didn't nap, he's usually ready to go to bed when Charlotte goes down. We read two books and cuddle in bed for a bit before lights out.
8:30 pm:  I usually take a quick shower and if the kitchen is clean, Nick and I will settle on the couch with our laptops and sometimes a glass of wine. I prefer to watch shows rather than movies. Most recently, we watched Downton, House of Cards, Making a Murderer, and are currently alternating between Fuller House and the OJ series on FX.  We usually work/watch TV for a couple hours at night and then try and be in bed by 11 pm. I'm trying to be better about getting in bed by 10 so I can  have 7 hours of sleep... 


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  1. Our days are nearly identical, minus an older kid for me and the getting up at 5am part! I don't get up until 7ish. I'm also not getting to the gym. William can't eat as late as your kids seem to and if we do all try to eat together he spends the whole time wailing and trying to get everything everyone else has, whether food or dishware. Curious what that looks like for you guys.


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