Friday, April 1, 2016

five on friday

lots of my favorite things all in one picture: coffee, sunshine, green plants and my favorite candle.
Blowing bubbles in the bath when it was too rainy to go outside

Every morning this week, he's been asking for a snack before breakfast. One day he told me that Charlotte needed one too and they needed to sit on the couch together. 

Also, I've never worn maxi dresses with much regularity because Nick isn't really a fan, but this spring/summer I've decided to go for it. My sister wears them a lot and looks so cute. I have this one and this one. I also really like this (not-so-budget-friendly) one and this more affordable one too.
Lastly, Nick's parents are coming to visit for the week (they arrive tomorrow!) and we are so excited to have some quality time with them and show them around our new home.

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