Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter was another holiday that we celebrated on our own for the first time and again we had a mellow family day. The kids looked through their Easter Baskets which included a soccer ball for Hayden (he's been into soccer lately) and some new chalk for Charlotte (she loves to draw/color) among other things. We went pretty light on their baskets which was just fine- those cheap plastic eggs were the real hit of the day. 
We had breakfast and I prepped two dishes the night before in an effort to make the day run more smoothly- overnight french toast and eggs benedict casserole. Both were great and so easy to make!
We were excited to have an egg hunt in our  backyard because we have a lot of space and some fun hiding spots. Hayden hunted solo (with very little help from us, for the first time!) and I set up some eggs in a tub of kinetic sand for Charlotte to "find." She was more interested in coloring with chalk...
It was a quiet day and it was nice for us to relax and have some family time after such a busy week traveling and readjusting to NJ.

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